• Mt. Hood Community College Strategic Plan

  • Mission Transforming Lives | Building Communities


    Mt. Hood Community College is nationally recognized as the choice for life-long education and is a leader in state-of-the-art learning environments and innovation; the college is celebrated by residents for its economic, social, cultural and recreational contributions to the district.

    Core Themes

    Learner Success

    The College provides the necessary state-of-the-art tools so that anyone committed to learning may establish, make progress towards and ultimately accomplish the goals that define their individual success.

    Community Pride

    The College continually seeks out educational, economic and cultural opportunities to engage and partner with its surrounding populations in an effort to be a responsive, responsible neighbor, and a college that the community can proudly and confidently support.

    Partner Innovation

    The College works closely with businesses, government agencies and nonprofits to proactively reassess current and future trends so that it may provide relevant skills and educational training while eliminating barriers and maximizing efficiencies and service quality.


    • Staying abreast of educational and technological challenges, trends and innovations and transforming the college to meet the changing needs of our
      community. We are decisive, intentional and forward thinking.
    • Cultivating an environment that celebrates and supports diverse communities, peoples, backgrounds and points of view. We are inclusive and respectful.
    • Creating an active, friendly, welcoming and open environment for our staff, students and community. We are accessible, positive and responsive

    • Providing innovative educational programs, methods and assistive technologies while also building strong community and business partnerships. We are
      collaborative, focused and purposeful.
    • Being responsible stewards of the physical and financial resources entrusted to us by the residents of the district. We are accountable, transparent and
    • Exceeding expectations in all customer service interactions. We are reliable, dedicated and empathetic.

    MHCC Strategic Priorities

    Learners “Empowering Success”

    The College defines “learner” as anyone who enters – or considers entering – into a relationship with the college for learning. Whether they are taking a single class, retraining for a new career, or committing to the life-long learning process, all learners are welcome at MHCC.


    MHCC recognizes the importance of proactive communication with current and potential learners. The college uses a mixed media channels approach to regularly communicate information and opportunities to students, and actively seeks feedback from the student body in an effort to ensure that students are receiving the information they need to make smart decisions about their educational goals.

    Physical & Technological Improvements

    MHCC is committed to improving and maintaining its infrastructure and technology while staying abreast of and implementing new technologies that are deemed valuable. The college recognizes the importance of a healthy, clean and modern learning environment for students’ success.

    Course Access

    MHCC believes that learners must have access to instructional offerings so they can make progress towards their educational goals. MHCC is committed to ensuring course access through scheduling alternative times/days, providing a mix of course delivery methods and minimizing waitlists.

    Diversity & Inclusion

    MHCC believes that supporting and empowering diversity is a cornerstone to serving the richness that characterizes our campus and community. MHCC welcomes, values and promotes all aspects of diversity by cultivating a respectful, inclusive and accessible learning environment, developing the capacity to understand issues of difference, power and social justice and fostering personal and professional development, which increases effectiveness within diverse contexts.

    College Accessibility

    MHCC implements best practices in Universal Design to celebrate the diversity and needs of its student population. To better serve students throughout the district, MHCC will establish additional satellite campuses in underserved portions of the district when feasible. Additionally, MHCC supports alternative transportation initiatives for getting to and from its campuses.

    Articulation Agreements

    To maximize opportunities for transfer students, MHCC continually seeks out mutually beneficial articulation agreements with in-state and appropriate out-of-state four-year institutions.

    Education Fit

    MHCC recognizes industry standards and needs change rapidly. To ensure that educational offerings are up-to-date and that students are taught the most relevant curriculum, instructional programs perform annual program assessments using standardized measures, custom, program-appropriate matrices and industry representative consultations. All programs perform an in-depth strategic program assessment every five years.


    MHCC is committed to education affordability by assuring tuition and fees are comparable to other Portland metropolitan community colleges, assuring federal financial aid forms are completed accurately to maximize eligible benefits and increasing the scholarship funds available to students.

    Life-long Connections

    MHCC understands student goals are ultimately focused on securing a better future for themselves through improved employment opportunities, workplace learning and life-long learning. The college fully supports this desire as an educated and successful population is beneficial not only for the college, but also the larger regional area. In order to ensure student success, the college offers career counseling, ensures that academic goals are defined, and provides employment services, skills training, internships and professional development.

    Student Success Initiatives

    MHCC is committed to providing students with needed academic support through a variety of learning success programs and services that are tailored to meet individual student needs. The college recognizes the value of academic goals for student success; MHCC works with students to create academic goals that are attainable, measurable and define their individual success.

    Support Services AND Extracurricular Activities

    MHCC provides a range of support services (e.g. food services, health and wellness, childcare, cultural) to ensure all students’ success. Services are available when students need them. The college makes available a wide range of extracurricular activities to keep students engaged. Additionally, the college works closely with and supports the Associated Student Government.

    Community “Fostering Pride”

    The very nature of a community college is to act as a resource for and be responsive to not just students, but all residents living within the district. MHCC prides itself in providing services, resources, cultural experiences and much more to its district.

    Community Access

    MHCC provides a variety of public access times to all recreation facilities and offers a range of services to residents. The college views this access as essential to the community and proactively promotes the use of facilities and services through programs and events for community members. MHCC provides a simple, easily accessible process for renting college facilities.

    Environmental Improvements

    MHCC strives for a healthy, safe and clean environment; it is open and accessible, and campuses are easy to navigate with bold directional signage. Campus beautification is a priority, as is a commitment to the natural resources on campus, from the pond and pine trees to the fish and wildlife that live on the campus. The college views this as an important responsibility to be a good steward to nature, which can provide further opportunities to attract residents to its campuses.

    Program Services

    MHCC recognizes the mutual benefits of instructional programs which offer services to community residents (residents receive services at reduced cost while students get applied experience). The college promotes opportunities for program services wherever appropriate.

    Community Events

    MHCC is a cultural and recreational hub for district residents. The college sponsors and hosts a variety of performing and visual arts events throughout the year. Performances highlighting college and district residents’ talents are a priority; however, the college regularly hosts national and international talents from a variety of disciplines. MHCC provides an equity lens on social issues to the community.


    MHCC recognizes the need to continually inform residents of events happening on campus, success stories of graduates, economic impacts of the college on the community, and how strategic decisions made by the college impact services provided is critical to establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with the community. Well-planned communication through a variety of media channels provides a consistent message of the college's fiscal responsibility and the benefits of its programs and services to the community.

    Partners “Inspiring Innovation”

    The college seeks out connections and partnerships with any group – from large and small businesses to non-profits to government agencies and departments and much more – that is interested in working with the college to enhance services offered to students and the community. These partnerships are often created with an eye towards innovation - seeking out new modes, methods and technologies that can provide additional and enhanced opportunities for learners.

    Business Processes

    MHCC examines existing processes and implements new ones through a continuous quality improvement cycle to maximize efficiencies, reduce customer burden, and ensure service excellence.

    Partner Communication

    MHCC champions on-going, two-way communication with all institutional partners. All partner groups are provided timely updates on strategic priorities and current college decisions. College leadership actively seeks feedback from all partner groups. Internal communications is supported and encouraged throughout the college.


    MHCC employees are integral to the success of the institution; it is critical that MHCC establishes a welcoming culture and promotes programs to ensure that its employees have the skills, training and support to provide excellent service. MHCC implements policies and programs to ensure autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

    Business and Industry

    MHCC maintains an on-going working relationship with businesses and industries within the college district. This collaborative relationship informs industry needs, promotes district work experience and internships and ensures students are prepared for their chosen profession. MHCC provides high-quality consulting and training to employers that promote employer success and regional prosperity.

    Community Forums

    The college regularly conducts community forums to engage with local business and industry, underserved members of the community and more remote communities to maintain a healthy relationship with leaders throughout the district.

    Pre K – 12 Education Partnership

    MHCC recognizes that it must establish and maintain relationships with primary school districts within its boundary to encourage on-going educational goals. The college implements a variety of mechanisms to inform pre K-12 students of opportunities and college expectations, establish a positive mindset about higher education and provide on-campus activities to experience MHCC firsthand. Additionally, the college allocates resources for liaisons that work directly with schools, and provides programs and resources that are used by students throughout the elementary, middle and high school years.

    Advisory Boards

    Advisory boards are critical to the success of MHCC career and technical programs. Engaged advisory boards ensure CTE programs remain relevant and responsive. These boards reflect the best practices.

    The MHCC Foundation

    MHCC understands that a healthy and innovative foundation is critical for community support and alternative funding. The college and its foundation work closely to promote successful infrastructure improvements and student scholarships.


    An MHCC alumni organization is a vital resource for sharing success stories, garnering support and obtaining alternative revenue streams. MHCC is committed to establishing and maintaining formal relationships with graduates. Additionally, the college conducts a follow-up survey with all program graduates to identify what they are doing six to nine months after graduating.