• About Our President

  • Whether you are a new student or continuing your education, we want you to know we are here to help you reach your educational goals.

    Dr. Skari 2018

    Mt. Hood Community College takes pride in its work to serve students and improve our communities. Our mission of 'Transforming Lives' and 'Building Communities' is what we are all about.

    When we say 'Transforming Lives' we commit to providing the education and services you need to accomplish your goals. Whether your dream is designing a great piece of art or striving to provide the best health care possible, we will guide you to your goal and support you along the way.

    As you achieve success – through learning and service – we accomplish the mission of 'Building Communities' together. Your achievements as a student lead to your accomplishments in your career and life. Whether you use your skills and talents at a local business or volunteer at a school or social service agency, you make our community better. Together, we build great communities for all.

    Always remember we are your college, and together we build brighter futures.

    Go Saints!

    Dr. Lisa Skari