• Academic Revitalization FAQ

  • January 22, 2020

    On Jan. 15, the Mt. Hood Community College District Board of Directors voted to phase out seven academic programs. This is an effort to help balance the college’s budget and meet $2.8 million in cuts that are required so we can continue serving our current students, as well as students for generations to come.

    The following is an FAQ on the academic program cuts. It will be updated with further information as it becomes available.

    Is my program being phased out?

    The following are the academic programs and their associated degree/certificate being phased out:

    1. Automotive: Maintenance & Light Repair
      Maintenance & Life Repair (Certificate)
    2. Broadcasting
      Integrated Media, Broadcasting (AAS Degree)
      Integrated Media, Broadcasting Digital Assistant (Certificate)
    3. Business Technology
      Administrative Office Professional (Certificate)
      Administrative Office Professional, Filing Clerk (Certificate)
      Administrative Office Professional, Human Resources (AASO Degree)
      Administrative Office Professional, Office Clerk (Certificate)
      Administrative Office Professional, Web (Certificate)
      Administrative Office, Office Software Specialist (Certificate)
      Administrative Office, Office Assistant (Certificate)
    4. Cosmetology
      Cosmetology (AAS Degree)
    5. Environmental Health & Safety
      Environmental Health and Safety (AAS Degree)
      Environmental Health and Safety (Certificate)
    6. Practical Nursing
      Practical Nursing (Certificate)
    7. Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education (WLEE)
      Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education (Certificate)
      WLEE- Wilderness Expedition Guide (Certificate)
    I heard that nursing, business and automotive are being phased out also.  Is that true? Will other programs be phased out?

    That is not true. There are no plans at this time for other academic programs to be phased out. Current plans in the Academic Revitalization Process is to support the transition of programs ongoing modifications so that they can be assigned as programs to either “grow” or “maintain.”

    Practical Nursing refers to the LPN program. Health professional options at MHCC: Emergency Medical Technician, Dental Hygiene, Funeral Services, Medical Assistant, Medical Office, Mental Health/Social Service/Addiction Counseling, Nursing (RN Program), Physical Therapist Assistant, Respiratory Care, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Surgical Technology still exist.

    None of the automotive degrees are affected by the phase-out of automotive maintenance & light repair. Our four degree programs: Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET), Chrysler Mopar College Automotive Program (MCAP), Individual Mechanical Program of Repair Technicians (IMPORT), and Subaru University (SU) all remain.

    The Business Department continues to offer programs in accounting, finance, business law, economics, management, marketing, and human resources.

    Similarly, programs in Health Physical Education, Integrated Media, and Science still exist.

    Will I be able to finish my discipline/program?

    The college is committed to assisting students in reaching their educational goals. The timeline may differ depending on the program, but all of these programs will remain active during the 2019-20 and 2020-21 academic year.

    If students choose not to or are unable to finish the program within the timeline, they will be provided assistance in setting and transitioning to new goals.

    Who will work with me to finish my discipline/program or identify alternatives?

    The Dean who oversees your program is accountable for facilitating the assignment of someone to support each student current enrolled in each program. This may include a faculty academic advisor, general advisor and/or learning specialist.

    Automotive: Maintenance & Light Repair Dean Kay Lopez
    Broadcasting Interim Dean Eran Smith
    Business Technology Dean Kay Lopez
    Cosmetology Dean Kay Lopez
    Environmental Health & Safety Interim Dean Deborah Sipes
    Practical Nursing Dean Sheryl Caddy
    Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education (WLEE) Dean Kim Hyatt
    How do I meet this Dean and learn more?

    We will be holding program-specific information sessions both Winter and Spring term for students who are currently enrolled in these impacted programs to answer questions and address concerns. More information about these sessions, including specific dates and times, will be communicated in the coming weeks. Students outside of these programs who have concerns about completing their programs of study should speak with an advisor immediately.

    Last updated Feb. 7, 2020.