• MHCC Board of Directors Releases Anti-Hate Statement

    The Mt. Hood Community College Board of Education affirms the worth of all people and stands firmly against hate.  We continue to foster an environment where people across the spectrum of difference can learn, work, and exist fully in their truth. 

    We denounce hateful actions, often targeted at those most vulnerable, and those historically and presently marginalized by oppressive systems. 

    Our work includes jettisoning the belief in a hierarchy of human value.  Our work includes dismantling those systems of oppression, which benefit some and harm others, in effort to advance equitable opportunities and outcomes. 

    The Mt. Hood Community College Board of Education is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all ways.  We stand with the communities impacted by hate/bias crimes, and we fervently assert that hateful behavior will not be tolerated here.