• April Website Redesign Update

    The website team is making progress and we are entering a new phase of the revamp project. Below are some recent achievements and upcoming milestones.


    The design stage of the website redesign project is complete and the new “look and feel” is in place. In addition to the previous consultation of a broad group of students, staff, and community members, the nominated web editors, representing staff from each area of the college, were given a sneak peek of this design and feedback was collected as part of their initial information session earlier this month. Thank you to all faculty, staff, and students who gave us direction and feedback to get to this point. The core design now has been approved which brings phase three of the project to a successful close.

    The next two phases, content creation and website development, will run concurrently between now and the end of the summer.

    Web editors are reviewing the accuracy of their current website content in preparation for their first formal training session later this month, which will focus on creating high-quality, student-focused content while implementing MHCC brand standards. The nominated collaborators and colleagues will join the web editors during these sessions to assist them throughout the project process. Collaborators will typically propose new and updated content for their website pages, which will then be reviewed and approved by the web editor, then sent to the marketing and communications team for a final check before publication.

    If you have questions, please contact Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications Megan Nugent at Megan.Nugent@MHCC.edu or IT Project Manager Chris Stephens at Chris.Stephens@MHCC.edu.