• Integrated Pest Management: 4090

  • Section 4000: Facilities/Risk Management
    Integrated Pest Management
    Board Policy: 4090
    Board of Education
    Approval: 7/22/2020

    Consistent with Oregon's State Pesticide Control Act (ORS 634), the board is committed to ensuring that the college has a coordinated decision-making and action process that uses the most appropriate pest control methods and strategies in an environmentally sound manner to meet the college's pest management objectives. The college shall adopt an Integrated Pest Management Plan ("IPM") that emphasizes the least possible risk to students, employees and community members and shall adopt a list of low-impact pesticides for pest control.

    The board delegates authority to the president to designate an employee as the Integrated Pest Management Plan Coordinator with those responsibilities set forth in ORS 634.700 to 634.750. The IPM shall provide a proactive strategy for the long-term prevention and/or suppression of pest problems through economically sound measures.


    Legal References:

    ORS 634 

    ORS 634.700 to 634.750