• Board Member Compensation and Expense Reimbursement: 9062

  • Section 9000: Board By-Laws
    Board Member Compensation and Expense Reimbursement
    Board Policy: 9062
    Board of Education (BE)
    Approval: 11/6/16

    No Board member will receive any compensation for services other than reimbursement for approved expenses actually incurred while conducting College business. Such expenses may include the cost of attendance at meetings, conferences or visitations when attendance has been approved by the Board prior to the date of travel.

    Reimbursement includes, but is not limited to, transportation, meals, lodging and miscellaneous expenses.


    Legal Reference:
    ORS 244.020 (15)
    ORS 244.040 (1)(a)
    ORS 341.283 (6)
    Oregon Government Standards and Practices Commission Advisory Opinion 93A-1007 (November 18, 1993).