• Board Delegations of Responsibilities to the President-Chief Executive Officer-Clerk of the Board: 9121

  • Section 9000: Board By-Laws
    Board Delegations of Responsibilities to the President/Chief Executive Officer/Clerk of the Board
    Board Policy: 9121
    Board of Education (BE)
    Approval: 3/8/06

    The president will serve as the chief executive officer for the College. The operation of the Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) District in all of its aspects will be delegated to the president, who will carry out these administrative responsibilities and functions in accord with the policies adopted by the Board.

    The president will assist the Board by:

    1. Being responsible for carrying out the general policies of the College as approved by the Board, the rules and regulations of the State Board of Education and the community college laws of the state of Oregon as defined in statutes;
    2. Initiating legislative policies for Board consideration and developing administrative regulations consistent therewith;
    3. Executing Board policies for the entire College district;
    4. Evaluating the effectiveness of all Board policies and administrative regulations;
    5. Administering the planning, development and maintenance of a positive educational program in conformity with the adopted policies of the Board;
    6. Recommending for the Board's consideration policies on organization, finance, instruction, facilities and other functions of the College program;
    7. Studying the requirements of the College for new construction and recommending needs to the Board; and
    8. Keeping the Board continuously informed of the progress and conditions of the College.

    The president is responsible for:

    1. Preparing all agendas for meetings of the Board in consultation with the Board Chair or delegating this responsibility in the event of absence;
    2. Having the minutes of the meetings of the Board recorded;
    3. Signing the minutes of all special and regular meetings and transmitting a copy of the minutes of the previous meeting(s) to each member of the Board before each regular meeting;
    4. Custodial responsibility for all records, proceedings and documents of the Board;
    5. Attending all meetings of the Board and participating in all its deliberations;
    6. Developing and putting into action administrative regulations consistent with Board policy;
    7. Nominating to the Board the appointment of all professional personnel, defining the duties and assigning of work to all personnel;
    8. Hiring all non-professional personnel;
    9. Suspending from duty any employee of the College;
    10. Conducting continuous studies of the development and needs of the College and keeping the Board and the public informed thereon; and
    11. Supervising the preparation and administration of the annual budget with recommendations for adoption.

    The president serves as:

    1. College and district representative to meetings and conferences with federal, state and local accrediting associations and other agencies requiring college participation (this responsibility may be delegated if necessary);
    2. College and district representative to meetings, conferences and public events deemed to be of value to the College. These may, and should, be delegated to other college officials in accord with the best interests of the College; and
    3. Ex-officio member or guest of all committees, meetings, organizations or gatherings held by the public, students or College employees on the College campus.


    Legal Reference:
    ORS 341