• Public Participation in Board Meeting: 9183.4

  • Section 9000: Board By-Laws
    Public Participation in Board Meetings
    Board Policy: 9183.4
    Board of Education (BE)
    Approval: 2/2/17

    The Board invites citizens to attend Board meetings to become acquainted with the program and operation of the College. Members of the public are also encouraged to share their ideas and opinions with the Board, when appropriate.

    It is the intent of the Board to ensure communications with individuals with disabilities are as effective as communications with others. Individuals with hearing, visions, or speech impairments will be given an equal opportunity to participate in Board meetings. Primary consideration will be given to requests of qualified individuals with disabilities in selecting appropriate auxiliary aids1 and services. Auxiliary aids and services for disabled persons will be available at no charge to the individual.

    All auxiliary aids and/or service requests must be made with appropriate advance notice. Should the board demonstrate such requests would result in a fundamental alteration to the service, program, or activity or in undue financial and administrative burdens, alternative means of communication will be used.


    During an open session of a Board meeting, members of the public are specifically invited to present concerns during the designated portion of the agenda. At the discretion of the Board Chair, further public participation may be allowed.

    Procedures for Public Participation in Meetings

    The Board will establish procedures for public participation in open meetings. The purpose of these procedures will be to inform the public how to effectively participate in Board meetings for the best interest of the individual, the College, and its patrons. The information will be easily accessible and available to all patrons attending a public Board meeting.


    Petitions may be accepted at any Board meeting. No action will be taken in response to a petition before the next regular meeting. Petitions will be referred to the President for consideration and recommendation.

    Criticisms of Staff Members

    Speakers may offer objective criticism of College operations and programs, but the Board will not hear complaints concerning individual College personnel. The Board Chair will direct the visitor to the appropriate means for Board consideration and disposition of legitimate complaints involving individuals.


    Legal Reference:
    ORS 192.610 - 192.690
    ORS 341.283 (2)

    Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 U.S.C. Section 12101 et seq. 29 CFR Part 1630

    1 Auxiliary aids include, but are not limited to, such services and devices as qualified interpreters, assistive listening systems, note takers, readers, taped texts, Braille materials and large text.