• Internship

  • Providing an internship site builds a strategic partnership between you, the student and the college that benefits your organization.

    Reasons why bringing in an intern from MHCC is good business: 

    1. Internships can be good trial run – If you need, internships are a great way to see if a student (or recent grad) might a good hire.  Internship can help you verify a person’s work ethic – one of employers’ top concerns when hiring employees.     
    2. Fresh eyes - Interns bring a fresh perspective and can challenge “that’s how we’ve always done things” thinking.
    3. Intern can get the word out about your company - Hiring interns and giving them meaningful work will help with word of mouth marketing – and it’s free.  Given reason #5 below – they are good at spreading the good word about you.   
    4. Interns can work on a challenging project.  Interns are looking to prove themselves in the workplace.  They are going to bring their “A gam” to the experience.  Savvy employers give interns them real, meaningful work that will help their organization at the same time.
    5. Interns are good with technology.  They are great with computers and social media.  Even the most entrepreneurial company can benefit from the perspective of a digital native.

    If you want to learn more about how you can benefit from bringing an MHCC student on board as an intern, contact Jennifer McNeil (503-491-7526; Jennifer.McNeil@mhcc.edu.edu).