• Career Planning & Counseling FAQ

    1. What is the Career Planning & Counseling Center (CPCC) and what services does it offer?
    2. Where is the CPCC located?
    3. Can you help me find a job?
    4. How do I know if I should talk to a Counselor?
    5. What's the difference between Advising and Counseling?
    6. I don't know what career or college major I want to pursue. What should I do?

    1) What is the Career Planning & Counseling Center (CPCC) and what services does it offer?

    The Career Planning & Counseling Center (CPCC) is a great place for students to find career resources and receive counseling assistance. We believe that career counseling shouldn't be thought of as a last resort, but rather a way to start off your college career on the right foot!

    A variety of services are available in the CPCC:

    • Resources about resumes, cover letters, job searches and more
    • Computer kiosks for job searches, online career information and more
    • One-on-one appointments with Career Counselors and/or a Career and Experiential Learning Specialist to help you decide on a college major, choose (or change) a career path based on your personality and strengths, improve your resume and cover letters, and practice job interviews
    • Career fairs each term where students and alumni can get the opportunity to: learn about companies in a variety of industries; meet with employers to discuss positions and current openings; and network with a broad range of companies and employers

    2) Where is the CPCC located?

    The CPCC is located on the Gresham Campus in room AC 1152, between the College Center and the Bookstore, across from the Cosmetology department. For a map of the Academic Center, please click here. On the map, look for Lower Level, in the building labeled CPC.

    3) Can you help me find a job?

    While the CPCC is here to help with your job search needs and give you the tools necessary to make it in the job market, we are not a job placement center.

    What we CAN do is: help you with choosing a career path or college major; help improve your resume and teach you how to tailor it to specific jobs; brush up on interview skills and techniques; assist you developing personalized job search strategies that are proven to be effective; and talk about general career information and personal concerns.

    We maintain a job bulletin board outside of our office and online. If you are a student with Federal Work Study, please click here to see current Work Study positions.

    You can also stop by to check out our Career Resource Library and use some of our computerized career resources! Call 503-491-7432 for more information or to make an appointment.

    4) How do I know if I should talk to a Counselor?

    Are you: struggling to finish your coursework; feeling overly stressed, depressed or anxious; having trouble deciding what you want to pursue for your college major; or unsure of the job market or if your dream career is feasible? You may want to speak with one of our staff members! Call 503-491-7432 today to schedule an appointment. 

    5) What's the difference between Advising and Counseling?

    Academic Advisors help you with:
    • Exploring program options
    • Choosing the right MHCC degree
    • Understanding the application process to limited and restricted entry programs
    • Selecting the right classes for your major
    • Creating an educational plan
    • Evaluating (unofficial) coursework from MHCC and other colleges / universities
    • Obtaining information on placement testing and general college policies
    • Acquiring transfer program information
    • Serving as primary advisers for students with General Studies as their major
    Career Counselors help you with:
    • Choosing a career
    • Deciding on a major
    • Developing an action plan to reach career goals
    • Connecting with employers
    • Creating or improving a resume
    • Preparing for an interview
    • Discussing life issues or obstacles and making plans to overcome them
    • Identifying and addressing academic barriers such as time management, stress management, and test anxiety
    • Serving as advisers for Undeclared Majors

    6) I don't know what career or college major I want to pursue. What should I do?

    One excellent step for you might be to take one of the classes offered by the Career Planning & Counseling Center. In the Schedule of Classes, look under the Human Development section for HD 100 College Success, HD 110 Career Planning, HD 208 Career and Life Planning and HD 209 Developing Your Resume.

    Another option is to make an appointment with one of our Career Counselors. They are an excellent resource and are happy to help students in their pursuits!

    We also offer the following Student Success Seminars from Fall through Spring terms:

    • How to Write a Resume
    • Job Search Strategies
    • Coping with Stress
    • Understanding Test Anxiety
    • Social Media for Your Job Search
    • How to be Successful at Job Fairs