• Career Planning Courses

  • HD100A, B, C College Success
    Designed for students who are new to college, or who need help with educational planning, time management, and goal setting. (1 credit.)
    HD110 Career Planning
    Have an idea about what you want to do, but need more information or help confirming it? This is the class for you! (1 credit.)
    HD130 Today's Careers
    Get help learning about what careers are out there and available to you; how to begin the process of career exploration; and how to access career information. (2 credits.)
    HD208 Career and Life Planning
    A much more in-depth look into the life-long process of career planning, designed for those who don't know what they want to do and/or don't know what options they have. (3 credits)
    HD209RES Developing Your Résumé
    This is an independent study course to help you market yourself to the employment world. (1 credit.)
    HD204 Developing Emotional Intelligence
    Students will learn the use of cognitive techniques to manage emotions, coping with stress, effective communication of emotions, and skills for managing change. Offered at irregular intervals. (3 credits.)
    HD209C How To Get the Job You Want
    This course explores how to market one's self to potential employers. It covers current trends in the workplace, how to research potential employers, target job objectives and develop effective paperwork such as the resume, cover letter and difficult applications. How to do informational interviewing and prepare for professional interviews may also be covered. May practice through videotaping. (This course may also be offered as three distinct courses: HD209INT, HD209LOC and HD209RES, all for one credit each.)
    HD225 Transferring to a Four-Year College
    Planning on transferring to a Four-year institution?  Explore and gain an understanding of the various processes, requirements and issues that impact successful transitions from the community college. This course may include field trips to nearby Four-year institutions.