Community of Care

  • Welcome and thank you for visiting our Community of Care site.  This site is a place for Students, Staff, and our community to learn more about referral services on and off of campus and additionally for you to report; Threats, Student Conduct issues, Behavioral concerns, and academic concerns to the Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment Team (BiTa).   Students come to MHCC with a variety of skills, abilities, and life and financial challenges that may require assistance inside and outside the classroom. We thank you for visiting our page and please feel free to contact us directly should you have any questions or concerns in supporting our students. 

  • Please contact:

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    Nikki Barone: 503-491-7374
    Ivonne Fleishman: 503-491-6054
    Counseling: 503-491-7432
    Accessible Education Services Office: 503-491-6923
    Public Safety: 503-491-7310