• Students Continuing at MHCC

  • Registration Guidelines For Continuing Students

    A CONTINUING STUDENT is anyone who has attended MHCC during the last year. Exceptions are individuals who participated in 2+2 or completed Early Collegiate Opportunity (ECO) courses while attending high school. These students are considered new and should follow the instructions for new students

    1. If you have taken classes at MHCC during the last year, you may register using MyMHCC. Please click here for the Registration Calendar for available registration dates, times and options.
    2. If you have attended MHCC but have not taken classes during the last year, please update your information online at https://my.mhcc.edu/ics/Admission

    All students should see their adviser before registering for classes.

    Most courses at MHCC require minimum prerequisites of RD090, WR090 and MTH020.

    Students can verify they meet these prerequisites by one of 2 ways:

    1. take the College Placement Test and score beyond or equivalent to these skill levels. If you have not met the prerequisites to a course, you will need to contact the Instructor for permission to be signed into the course.
    2. submit official college transcripts that validate prior coursework at or above these levels and fill out a Transcript Evaluation Request form. For international student transcripts,  please see International Transcript Evaluation Process.

    The following students are required to have their schedule signed by their adviser before registering:

    • Students who have been suspended from MHCC will need to formally appeal for re-admission.