• MHCC COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources

  • To provide as much safety as possible for our students, staff, faculty and all their families, campus will be operating with different protocols and processes than we have had in the past.

    Daily Self-Screening

    You will be required to complete a daily self-screening questionnaire before visiting campus. Every morning, all employees and students will get an email in their Saints email account with a custom link to the questionnaire. We recommend you access the survey through your personal link as it bypasses the need to fill in personal information sections (e.g. name, email, etc.).

    Visitors or students, faculty or staff who cannot find their link can find the generic survey daily at mhcc.edu/covid

    If you do not have access to the survey before visiting campus, there will be two kiosks where you can complete this requirement

    • North campus: By Public Safety near the main entrance circle
    • South campus: By HPE/Athletics

    Once you have completed the daily questionnaire, you will receive a dated email stating if you have authorization to visit campus that day.

    If it says you are authorized, keep the e-mail in case you need to show verification on campus. 

    If the email states you are not authorized to be on campus, you will receive further directions on what steps you should take to ensure your well-being and to protect the health of those close to you.

    On-site access Covid-19 Screening Required

    On-site access at our locations is requiring the completion of a “Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire the day of and prior to, accessing the campus.  Your authorization to access the campus will be either approved or denied upon completionwhich will be indicated by a green green-check mark if approved, or a red red-x if denied.

    Click here to participate in the daily screening for access.

    Masks and social distancing required

    • Masks are required at all times in all indoor spaces and outdoors when distancing cannot be maintained.
    • Social distancing of 6-feet is required as often as possible.

    Face-to-Face and Remote Classes

    Some programs are being taught in person while other classes are online. See this grid for more details.

    Access to In-person Services

    Most in-person services require appointments to ensure the area can accommodate the number of people inside while meeting all safety and distancing protocols. Doors may be locked, and you may be asked to wait outside until it is your turn to be helped. This is for everyone’s safety and to ensure we are aligned with our COVID safety protocols.

    Wait times for virtual/remote services are likely to be much shorter so we encourage you to utilize services in this format as much as possible.

    See this list of student services areas with details on in-person and remote hours, and how and when you can access each area as well as anticipated wait times for appointments. Please note that the planetarium, theater and aquatic center will remain closed fall term.

    If in doubt, please fill out a Student Support Services Request Form or call 503-491-7393.

    Most Food Services Unavailable

    We encourage you to bring your own food or snacks.

    • Vending machines have been fully stocked
    • Barney’s Pantry still available by appointment
    • We encourage you to eat at the outdoor tables as weather permits.

    Last updated October 7, 2021.