• Cosmetology Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are My Options?
    A two year Associate's Degree program in Cosmetology, prepares you for unlimited opportunities and a variety of positions in the field, including cosmetologist, make-up specialist, product demonstrator or sales consultant, skin care specialist, manicurist or nail technician, hair designer specializing in cutting and designing, or coloring and chemical services, salon manager or owner. Included in the program's requirements are the 2,300 hours of experience required by Oregon law to take the Oregon State Board of Barbers and Hairdressers Examination, leading to certification as a Cosmetologist.
    What Does the Future Hold?
    Employment opportunities in cosmetology are expected to grow moderately. Beginning income for cosmetologists varies widely due to factors such as salary or commissions offered and benefit programs. Developing special skills and accumulating clientele can also enhance income potential. In addition, a variety of supervisory positions are available which offer a wide salary range. Some settings in which you may find employment include salons, department stores, hospitals, hotels, and cruise ships. Or, if you wish to be self-employed you could create a salon in your home, or in the setting of your choice. A specialty interest in make-up could lead you into the theater, film or television industries. With additional training, you could become a writer for a fashion and beauty magazine, or a cosmetology instructor.
    Why Take Training at Mt. Hood Community College?

    Instead of going to a private vocational cosmetology school.

    • Associate of Applied Science Degree.
    • Some credits may be transferable.
    • Professional instructors with experience in the cosmetology field, active in the National Cosmetology Association of Oregon and the Oregon Fashion Committee.
    • Quality education at low cost.
    • Up to date facilities, computers, and training equipment.
    • Small class size.
    • One-on-one advising.
    • Flexible class schedules.
    • Services for financial aid and special needs.
    • Tutoring.
    • Relaxed campus setting.
    • Convenient access to light rail, buses and I-84.
    • Child Care Center on campus.
    • Career Placement Center on campus for employment opportunities before and after graduation.
    • Library Resource Center.

    At Mt. Hood Community College, you will receive a broad-based education that will provide you with confidence and knowledge to not only achieve a position, but also succeed and advance in your field.