• Program Profile

  • Thank you for your interest in the Mt. Hood Community College Cosmetology program. This program is a Limited Entry program and applications may be submitted at any time. When all admission requirements have been met, students are accepted on a space available-first-come, first-served basis.

    The Cosmetology industry is an exciting and creative field. In our contemporary society, men and women are becoming concerned with their personal appearance, and rely on professionals for their expertise in enhancing natural assets, skin, nail, and hair health, and creating individual attractiveness.

    At the campus, Cosmetology offers a complete, modern facility with up to date equipment, and products commonly used in the industry. Cosmetology services are available to the MHCC faculty, students, staff, and the general public.

    The curriculum introduces students to a broad spectrum of Hair Design, Esthetics, and Nail Technology application, with in-depth instruction that emphasizes hands-on-learning with instructor assistance and actual clients.

    A graduate of this program will be prepared to take the Oregon State Board Certification Exam for Cosmetology. Upon successful completion of the certification procedure, graduates who seek employment find a position shortly after graduation if not before.

    Faculty Profiles

    Marty Castellanos has over 15 years of experience in the field of cosmetology. He has a proven track record as a stylist, educator, and businessman. He is adept at identifying, developing, and delivering student-oriented learning models. These continually positive events have led him to pursue his love of community college instruction. As a salon owner and stylist Marty has achieved the following goals and accolades: Certified Master Colorist, built owned and managed a four chair salon/gallery, conducted workshops in salons across the Western US, continues to provide services to his loyal clientele he has served for more than a decade, and trained other educators.

    Denise D’Angelo began her journey as a master educator over twenty years ago. As a Cosmetology Instructor at Mt. Hood Community College, she brings a unique balance of dynamic presentation skills, precise technical skills, and artistic abilities to all of her classes. She brings a true passion for people, and the beauty industry as a whole to every class. Denise has practical experiences in all facets of the beauty industry including; successfully training students just learning their craft, as well as seasoned beauty industry professionals. Denise is an award winning nail technician, hair designer, and makeup artist. Her makeup artistry has been published internationally, and she received a North American Hairdressers Award (NAHA; NAHA 19 Salon Team Winner 2008) as the makeup artist for Capello Salon.

    Carol Redwine completed a Community College Cosmetology program, much like the program here at MHCC in 1984. She has worked full-time in salons in California and Oregon ever since. Carol also has a talent for teaching and began a long career as a part-time educator for various manufacturers teaching advanced cutting, coloring and texture techniques all over the Western US. She went on to become certified in several types of hair extensions and also became an educator of hair-extensions and hair replacement. Carol has attended advanced trainings throughout her career and has won many awards and competitions, including Educator of the Year for the Pacific Northwest.

    Program Overview: MHCC has a fully equipped full service salon/simulation clinic and is open to the public, five days a week. You will receive in depth and hands-on training by highly qualified instructors with years of experience in the cosmetology profession. Supervised classes in theory and practical applications will help you develop your self-confidence and skill in Hair Design, Esthetics, and Nail Technology. In addition, participation in customer service is strongly emphasized with courses such as: Psychology of Human Relations and Communication Skills.

    Program Outline

    • Students who have met the minimum skills prerequisite are admitted each term as space allows, on a first completed, first accepted basis until the program is full.

    Please note: While students may apply to the Cosmetology program without having a Social Security Number (SSN), State certification and Financial Aid does require a SSN.

    • The Cosmetology program requires a significant time commitment. Students will spend 30 hours per week in the Theory/Lab/Clinic. In addition, the nature of the work can be demanding. It is important for students to understand the rigorous quality of the course work.
    • Program duration is 7 quarters in length (2 years).
    • Current program curriculum can be viewed at Cosmetology. The course requirements for this program are subject to change each academic year. The official curriculum will be published online in the 2016-2017 College Catalog.
    • First year program enrollment is 32 students (approximately, with a total program enrollment of 60).
    • Students earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Cosmetology with the completion of required coursework. Approximately 30 students graduate each year.

    Reasons for Choosing MHCC Instead of Private Vocational Schools

    At Mt. Hood Community College, you will receive a broad-based education that will provide you confidence and knowledge to not only achieve a position, but also succeed and advance in your field. Benefits to our program include:

    • Awarded a 2-year Associate Degree
    • Some credits are transferable
    • Tutoring
    • Relaxed campus atmosphere
    • Quality education
    • One-to-one advising
    • Flexible class schedules
    • Up to date facilities, computers and training equipment
    • Services for financial aid and students with disabilities
    • Childcare on campus
    • Professional instructors with experience in the cosmetology field
    • Convenient location for light rail, buses and I-84
    • Career placement center for employment opportunities

    Information Sessions

    Students may attend an information session to learn more about the Cosmetology program. Please check for dates, times and locations at Cosmetology Information Sessions.

    Career Description

    A two-year Associate’s Degree program in Cosmetology prepares you for unlimited opportunities and a variety of positions in the field including: cosmetologist, make-up specialist, product demonstrator or sales consultant, skin care specialist, medical esthetician, nail technician, hair designer specializing in cutting and designing, or coloring and chemical services, and salon manager or owner. Included in the program’s requirements are the 2,300 hours of experience required by Oregon Law to take the Oregon State Board of Cosmetology Examination, leading to certification as a Cosmetologist.

    Employment opportunities in cosmetology are expected to continue to grow. Beginning income varies widely due to factors such as salary or commissions offered and benefit programs. Developing special skills and accumulating clientele will also enhance income potential. In addition, a variety of supervisory positions are available which offer a wide salary range. Some settings in which you may find employment include:

    • Salon or Spa
    • Department Stores
    • Hotels
    • Cruise Ships
    • Entertainment Industry
    • Medical Spas

    You may wish to be self-employed as a registered independent contractor, to lease a station in a salon or create a salon in the setting of your choice. A specialty interest in make-up could lead you into the theater, film or television industries. With additional training, you could become a writer for a fashion and beauty magazine, or a cosmetology instructor.

    How the Program Works

    Each term students participate in 30 clock hours per week in Beauty Culture Theory and Lab/Clinic classes. The program courses are designed to be completed in seven terms.

    A student is considered a first year student until four terms of Theory/Lab coursework has been completed. All first year student Theory/Lab courses are held in the morning typically beginning between 8am or 9am. There are approximately 28 to 30 first year students at any given time.

    Second year student Theory/Lab coursework is held in the evening beginning at 3pm. There are approximately 28 to 30 second year students at any given time.

    Estimated Program Costs

    A student who is accepted into the Cosmetology program should expect the following expenses for required Textbooks, Kits and Supplies at Approximate costs.*

    Fall or Spring Term – COS110 & COS111
    The following items must be purchased the first week of class.
    Item Cost
    Hair Design Kits (approximately) COS111 $1,600
    Hair Design Textbooks COS110 & COS111 $190
    Winter or Summer Term – COS120 & COS121 or COS122 & COS123
    The following Items must be purchased the first week of class.
    Item Cost
    Esthetics Kits $200
    Nail Technology Kits (Large and Small) 300
    Esthetics Textbook 195
    Nail Technology Textbook 170
    Book #11 Textbook 35
    Advanced Labs  
    Hair Extension Kit for COS217 200
    Total Approximate cost for textbooks, kits and supplies $2,720

    *These costs are subject to change without notice. This list is to give you an idea of costs in addition to tuition and fees in order for you to plan your financial needs.

    Approximate Program Costs*
    Item Cost
    Cosmetology program textbooks, kits and supplies $2,720
    Cosmetology program tuition and fees for seven terms 14,619
    General Education tuition (Books, fees and supplies will be a variable expense.) 2,081
    Approximate program cost for in-state students (subject to change) $19,421

    *These costs are subject to change without notice.