• Course Outline - CIS122 Computer Concepts III

  • Course Number Course Title Course Credits
    CIS122 Computer Concepts III 4

    Course Description:

    An introduction to programming for non-majors. Emphasizes the importance of program design as part of the software development life cycle. Provides examples of well designed software projects and introduces the student to effective design techniques. Students are expected to design small programming projects and implement the designs in a high level programming language. Structured program construction techniques, data validation and user interface issues are explored as part of introduction to a high level language.


    1. Design a small program using structured design methods including pseudocode, algorithms, hierarchical charts and
      other design and documentation techniques
    2. Explain the essential components of a program
    3. Debug program code, identifying any errors and/or determining the correct output
    4. From a design document, write short error free programs using variables, subroutines, control structures and arrays
    5. Differentiate compiler languages from scripting languages