• Course Outline - ISTM183A Preparation for A+ Essentials

  • Course Number Course Title Course Credits
    ISTM183A Preparation for A+ Essentials 3

    Course Description:

    Students in this class receive training in the material appropriate to prepare for the CompTIA A+ Essential certification (presently 220801). Topics in this class include PC system components, storage devices, mobile computers, printer installation and configuration, operating systems features and interfaces, troubleshooting theory and preventative maintenance, as well as other topics leading to computer competency.


    1. Identify and describe major components of a Personal Computer (PC)
    2. Identify and describe common primary storage devices
    3. Identify, describe and configure display devices
    4. Compare and contrast various mobile computing devices
    5. Identify various operating system features
    6. Recommend operating system settings for optimal computer operation
    7. Differentiate between troubleshooting theories
    8. Recommend an appropriate preventive maintenance protocol
    9. Troubleshoot basic office computer devices (hardware, software, printers, etc.)
    10. Compare and contrast various computer network strategies