• Course Outline - ISTM183B A+ Practical Application

  • Course Number Course Title Course Credits
    ISTM183B A+ Practical Application 3

    Course Description:

    Students in this class will receive training in the material appropriate to prepare for the CompTIA A+ Practical Application certification (presently 220802). Topics in this class include basic networking, networking security fundamentals, basic network installation, operational procedures, installation and maintenance of various computer components, resolving printer problems, system structures and commands, system security and fundamental CyberSecurity concepts.


    1. Define network security and describe some common network security issues
    2. Recommend appropriate password protection protocols
    3. Describe appropriate stainability issues surrounding computers and their impact on environmental concerns, safety hazards, and safe
      working environments
    4. Demonstrate professional communication skills
    5. Identify various PC diagnostic tools
    6. Compare and contrast troubleshooting techniques for resolving printer problems
    7. Demonstrate proper directory structure navigation
    8. Describe the installation and configuration of a Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) network
    9. Perform a basic risk analysis for a SOHO network
    10. Describe common Cyber attacks