• Course Outline - ISTM284E Ethical Hacking

  • Course Number Course Title Course Credits
    ISTM284E Ethical Hacking 3

    Course Description:

    This class demonstrates the ethical use of various "white hat" cyber penetration testing tools and techniques consistent with Ethical Hacking training. Network tools and techniques take place in an enclosed "sandbox" environment. Students are exposed to various computer hacking skills and analyze various protective measures and their effectiveness.


    1. Critically analyze various recon techniques and their effectiveness
    2. Demonstrate the use of tools to escalate privileges on a remote device
    3. Demonstrate the placement of a Remote Access Trojan using either an insider placement or phishing attack
    4. Demonstrate password cracking using different tools
    5. Compare and contrast various techniques for launching server attacks
    6. Demonstrate various web based attacks
    7. Compare and contrast various Wireless Access Point attacks
    8. Apply ethical theories to a cyber related issue
    9. Compare and contrast "white hat hacking" versus "black hat hacking" versus "grey hat hacking"
    10. Differentiate various ethical hacking issues such as hacking, cyber crime, hactivism and cyber terrorism