• Dental Hygiene Program Costs

  • These costs are estimations and are listed only as a guide for your financial planning. Tuition is as of fall term 2023 and subject to change. You are advised to have a financial plan in place. You are responsible for transportation costs to clinical practicum sites. Books, licensure fees and travel are not included in financial aid reimbursable expenses.

    Item Cost

    Instruments & equipment includes loupes & light, and curing light


    Uniforms / Name Tag / Safety Glasses and miscellaneous clinic expenses and supplies


    Immunizations and Background Check


    Books (2 yrs./DH only)


    Licenses – National, Western Regional Boards & Oregon Licensure


    Professional Dues


    Current Lab/Clinic Fees


    Tuition and College Fees (based on 7 terms in the program including the general education courses needed for the AAS in Dental Hygiene but does not include prerequisites/preprogram courses). If you have completed some or all of the general education courses, your tuition will be less.) See current tuition rate.


    Grand total with fees, equipment, books, insurance, and immunizations