• Dead Mathematicians Society

  • What is the Dead Mathematicians Society?

    In 1986, two MHCC math instructors, now retired, wanted to share their passion for all-things-numerical. They formed the society and gave it a moniker inspired by the film, Dead Poets Society. The society hosts free seminars and invites all students, employees and community members to learn about topics involving math. Using props not typically found in a college classroom, such as scissors, fruit and Play-Doh, they cut through the heavy stuff to make learning creative an entertaining.

    Donations to the Foundation earmarked for the Dead Mathematicians Society will enable the college to bring in high caliber guest speakers so more people can discover the fun side of math.

    Infinite Enrichment Series - Part 1
    Infinite Enrichment Series - Part 2

    Gravitational Waves - Duane Ray
    Eclipse 2017 - William Blackmore Part 2

    Don Davis - Strange Infinite Series 01
    Roger Ford - Combinatorics Part 1
    Roger Ford - Combinatorics Part 2