Degree Descriptions

  • Students may complete a 2-year degree at MHCC and earn transfer credits to apply to a four-year degree at a university or be prepared to enter the workforce.

    Degrees differ; choosing the right degree depends on one’s goal. Students should work with a faculty adviser and if transferring, check with the transfer school of their choice to determine the best option for their goal.

  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

    The AAS is the basis of career technical degrees, intended to prepare students for the workforce. Majors that offer an AAS degree are also known as career-technical programs. While the AAS is not designed to be a transfer degree, MHCC has many transfer agreements with four year schools for students who have completed a career technical degree.

    Associate of Arts – Oregon Transfer (AAOT)

    Students can complete general education courses that fulfill the first two years of a bachelor’s program with the AAOT degree. This degree transfers as a "block" of courses. Majors that work well with the AAOT include psychology, sociology, anthropology, and more.
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    AGS in Health Professions Exploration (AGSH)

    The AGSH was designed for students who want to pursue a career in health care but aren't sure which path to follow. This degree allows students to explore health care careers while also taking prerequisite courses for programs such as:

    1. Nursing (RN) AAS
    2. Dental Hygiene AAS
    3. Respiratory Care AAS
    4. Physical Therapist Assistant AAS
    5. Surgical Technology AAS
    6. Funeral Service Education AAS
    7. Mental Health, Social Work, Addiction Counseling AAS and certificates
    8. Medical Assistant certificate
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    AS in Biology (ASB)

    The ASB degree is designed for  students that want to major in biology and transfer to a four-year college.

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    ASB: PharmD Track

    The ASB: PharmD degree is for students who have been accepted into the Pacific University PharmD Bridge Program. The MHCC-Pacific Bridge Program creates a path for students to pursue admission to the Pacific University School of Pharmacy, and to complete a PharmD degree in 5 years instead of 8.

    Please note that students may not self-select the ASB: PharmD track for their major or for degree audit purposes. Pacific University will notify MHCC when students have been accepted into the PharmD program, and the student's major will be changed at that time.

    Associate of Science in Computer Science (ASCS)

    The ASCS  degree prepares students to transfer into a computer science (CS) bachelor's degree program. CS students should plan  coursework with both MHCC's CS adviser and the  student's preferred transfer school, to ensure correct courses are taken.
    AS in Liberal Arts

    Associate of Science in Liberal Arts (ASLA)

    The ASLA degree prepares  students to transfer into a Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in majors such as  history, modern language, English, writing, or philosophy. The ASLA includes  the college level language needed in order to enter BA programs in Oregon.

    AS in Music

    Associate of Science in Music (ASM)

    The ASM degree is designed for  students who plan to transfer to a Bachelor of Music program in Oregon.  Students should work with MHCC music advisers as well as the transfer school to  ensure correct courses are taken.

    Career Pathway Certificate of Completion

    All courses in  a Career Pathway Certificate of Completion (CPCC) count toward the AAS degree in the same major. The CPCCs allow students to work in  entry level positions while earning credits that count toward the AAS degree.  This allows students to earn stackable credentials without wasting credits.

    One-Year Certificate

    Many certificates are part of an  AAS program, and some are stand-alone programs designed to get students started  in a specific career. Students should talk to an adviser to decide which option  is right for their needs.

    Oregon Transfer Module

    The OTM is a set  of 45 credits recognized by all Oregon community colleges and public  universities, designed for students who wish to transfer. This is not a degree  or certificate but is noted on a student’s transcript that they have met a  subset of common requirements.