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  • Elementary Teacher Education Program

    Admission Requirements

    Undergraduate Elementary Education Program

    Students wishing to earn an elementary teaching license can complete the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) from MHCC and transfer to Eastern Oregon University (EOU) to complete the teacher licensure program and a bachelor’s degree without traveling to EOUs main campus. The first two years of this program at MHCC leads to an AAOT degree. The last two years can be completed through EOU at MHCC through our Undergraduate Elementary Education Program. Always work closely with our education advisor when choosing your program.

    Presently, programs in elementary education leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree are offered at MHCC through EOU on the MHCC Campus.

    APPLY TWO TERMS IN ADVANCE, by March 15 prior to the Fall admission you desire.

    1. Print out the EOU-MHCC MDST Sheet and talk with an EOU adviser.
    2. Do you have a minimum calculated GPA of 2.75 or greater in your multidisciplinary studies coursework? GPA is based on MDST check sheet data.
    3. Are you enrolled in or have complete ED 200 with a grade of B or higher?
    4. Have you completed and verified 30 hours of experience with elementary age students in a school or similar setting?
    5. The Essential Academic Skills test is temporarily no longer required for admittance to the Undergraduate Elementary Education Program program ~ please temporarily remove this requirement. We’ll notify MHCC if the requirement is reinstated.
    6. Have you been admitted to Eastern Oregon University? Admission to EOU is not required prior to application to the Education Program (Undergraduate Elementary Education Program). Undergraduate Elementary Education Program Application packets may be picked up in Room 3308A or you may e-mail your request to Margie Webster and must be received in Room 3308A by 5:00p.m. March 15.

    Requirements for admission to the Undergraduate Elementary Education Program:

    • Undergraduate Elementary Education Program Application Form
    • Cover letter
    • Resume completion.
    • Diversity Essay
    • Undergraduate Elementary Education Program Planning Form
    • A copy of the Multidisciplinary Studies Degree Checklist
    • Unofficial Transcripts
    • Academic Minor (or Course of Study) Check Sheet
    • Letters of recommendation/reference – the same individual cannot write both of the required letters
    • Character questions- provided in this packet

    *The packet contains further explanation. Packet is subject to change.
    Be sure and work closely with an education adviser when choosing your program.
    For more information contact Margie Webster, 503-491-7000.

    Advisor Information
    Undergraduate students seeking initial licensure in any authorization level(s): Please contact Margie Webster at 503-491-7000. Post-baccalaureate student seeking initial licensure for Early Childhood/Elementary authorization: Please contact Angela Vossenkuhl, Program Leader and Associate Professor, 503-491-7427.

    Post-baccalaureate students seeking ESOL or Reading Endorsement contact Brandon Monroe, 503-491-7445.