• Inclement Weather Delays and Closures

  • If inclement weather is forecasted, one of the following scenarios will occur:

    • College will close and all college-related operations and functions will cease for the day, remote and in-person alike. (This course of action will be reserved for extreme weather events that present significant health or safety concerns or impact our ability to work, learn and teach remotely.)


    • Partial or campus building closure due to environmental impacts (heat, smoke, weather due to a delayed start, etc.) that could impact in-person activities only.  Those who usually report to work or class on campus should work with their supervisor or instructor in advance to make an alternate work plan.

    What to Expect During an Inclement Weather Event

    A team will make a determination on the college’s operational status, and it will be communicated using many methods to students, faculty and staff:

    • The RAVE campus alert system which sends text messages to mobile devices
    • The college’s website (mhcc.edu)
    • The college’s social media channels
    • On local TV and radio stations
    • At 503-491-MHCC (x6422) via a recorded message

    Students, faculty and staff are asked to make sure their contact information within RAVE is accurate. If the college has outdated contact information for you in RAVE, it is likely that you will miss important updates during inclement weather events entirely. RAVE contact information can be confirmed by logging into the MyMHCC portal and clicking the “RAVE Emergency Alert System” link in the left navigation bar.

    A Note to Our Students, Faculty and Staff

    In times of inclement weather when it may be unsafe, students should know that we will practice patience and flexibility when it comes to attendance policies and assignments that are due. No student should have to drive or take public transit on hazardous roads to submit an assignment or make a Zoom call, so please be sure to communicate with your instructors if you are facing any sort of challenges when winter weather arrives.

    Student FAQ

    What is inclement weather?

    Inclement weather is bad weather that may cause unsafe conditions on campus and in the community for traffic or pedestrian travel.

    How do I find out about inclement weather closures/cancellations?

    There are several ways to find out if your in-person, online, or hybrid class has been cancelled due to inclement weather:

    • The RAVE campus alert system
    • The college’s website (mhcc.edu)
    • The college’s social media channels
    • On local TV and radio stations
    • At 503-491-MHCC via a recorded message

    To sign up for RAVE alerts, log into the MyMHCC portal and click on “RAVE Emergency Alert System” in the left menu.

    What if I don’t feel safe coming to campus during inclement weather?

    Student and staff safety is our number one priority. You need to make the best decision for yourself. If you feel unsafe coming to campus because of weather conditions, then you should not come. If you need to leave early due to a potential weather event or cannot safely make it in, please contact your instructor or supervisor.

    Who should I contact if the campus opens during inclement weather and I can’t make it to class or work?

    If the college is open during inclement weather and you are unable to make it to class or work, contact your instructor or supervisor. You can find your instructor’s contact information on your class syllabus.

    If my class starts at 9 a.m., but the college opens at 10 a.m., and my class ends at 11 a.m., do I go to this class?

    No. Classes that begin before the college opens are cancelled. If the college closes early, but my class is currently in session, do I have to stay? No. The college is closed and your class session has been cancelled.

    Where may I go to stay warm while waiting for transportation?

    For the Gresham North Campus, please use the Library Lobby. For the Gresham South Campus areas, please use the lobby of the Yoshida Event Center (AKA the gym).  The lobbies at the Bruning and Maywood Park Center are also available for use.

    If I attend class in-person on campus, is it possible for my instructor to hold class online when there is inclement weather?

    If the college is closed due to inclement weather, MyMHCC and Blackboard will still be available. Check your college email, MyMHCC and/or Blackboard for updates from your instructor(s) about how the unexpected college closure will impact your class(es), as soon as you are safely able to do so. We understand that a power outage might prevent access to email, MyMHCC and Blackboard. There might also be an inclement weather statement in your course syllabus

    Are online classes canceled?

    If the college is fully closed, there will be NO online (including hybrid) classes.

    If I have an in-person exam or final due, should I come to campus? No. Depending on the length of closure instructors may choose to extend due dates or make alternate arrangements. Look for communication from your instructor and notify them right away if this causes a hardship in your schedule.

    If there is a delay or closure and my class is not on the Gresham campus, but it is at a clinical site (Maywood Park, Bruning Center, in the field) – do I attend?

    Maywood Park and Bruning Center are closed when the Gresham Campus is closed. For clinical sites: If the college is closed, do not travel to a clinical site. If you are already in attendance at a clinical site during a closure, please look for communications from your Faculty. Faculty will receive direction and communications from the program Deans. Student and staff safety is our number one priority. You need to make the best decision for yourself. If you feel unsafe traveling due to weather conditions, then you should not go.