• Student FAQ’s about HD101

  • What is HD101?

    HD101 is a 2-credit course designed to help students who go on academic probation and suspension. Its goal is to help students gain the skills and attitudes they need to improve their GPA and get off probation, so they can achieve their MHCC dreams! Course topics include: time management, financial literacy and budgeting, emotional intelligence, finding motivation to succeed, educational planning and goal-setting, understanding college expectations and designing habits for academic success.

    Who takes it?

    It is recommended for students who are on academic probation and suspension or any student that feels they need extra assistance in being successful.

    Is it mandatory?

    No, but it is strongly recommended for students who are on academic probation and suspension.

    How will students find out about this?

    All probationary students receive official College notice of academic probation by US Mail, soon after final grades are filed and processed, at the end of the term.

    Will My Financial Aid Pay for this class?
    • Financial aid will be able to pay for this class if you still need at least two credits of electives toward your MHCC degree or certificate and you have not previously passed this course before. You can run your DARS report to check how many elective credits you still need.
    • Please contact Financial Aid with questions about how this course may impact your financial aid education plan.
    Why is MHCC recommending this course?

    MHCC wants to support student success. Currently, most first year students who go on probation do not get off probation on their own the second term and end up suspended

    Where can I register for this class?
    • Students can register for HD101 online on MyMHCC.
    • Students who need assistance using the online registration system can view the demo online or get in-person assistance in the Orientation Center, room AC1002.