• Funeral Service Education Application

  • The information below is based on the application requirements for Fall 2022 admission. It is provided as an example to guide potential applicants on the admission process and application requirements which may be subject to change as program criteria can change for each new application year.

    Prior to applying read the application and admissions criteria found in the admission details section. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to be informed of requirements as criteria can change from year to year.

    Accommodations - People requiring accommodations due to disability should contact the Accessible Education Office at 503-491-6923 or aes@mhcc.edu.

    Admission of all students is centralized in the Admissions, Registration and Records office. Admission to the College does not guarantee admission to the Funeral Service Education program. The Admissions, Registration and Records office has the sole authority to inform students of their admission status.

    The Admissions Evaluator has the final authority on what constitutes equivalency for all admission criteria. If you have questions regarding admission requirements and procedures, please email LRadmissions@mhcc.edu.

    Admissions criteria, deadlines and prerequisite requirements are subject to change from year to year. The previous year's application information is posted only as a resource. It is the applicant’s responsibility to be informed and adhere to all requirements, procedures and deadlines. New applicants as well as applicants from previous years must complete the entire application process.

    Mt. Hood Community College reserves the right to modify the criteria and the process for selection.

    The Admissions Evaluator has the final authority on what constitutes equivalency for all admission criteria. If you have questions regarding admission requirements and procedures, please email LRadmissions@mhcc.edu.

    Reasons for Admission Disqualification - Withholding information or providing untruthful information on the program application could be cause for non‐acceptance or dismissal from the program. Students who were admitted and then failed a required course or were dismissed from the program or any other health related program may be denied admission into the program.

    Application Reopen Disclosure - In the event of an insufficient applicant pool, the Program Director reserves the right to re-open the application. Please check the website for application reposting updates.

    Previous Admission - Applicants who were previously accepted into the program and then declined acceptance or withdrew may not be given priority consideration in subsequent applications. Individuals will need to re‐apply to the program and will be required to meet the current program admission requirements and program standards. Materials cannot be brought forward from previous applications for a current application. Updated official transcripts are required only if new courses have been taken.

    Approximate Admissions Processing Timeline *
    November 2021 Applicants may begin submitting applications to the program.

    April 8, 2022

    Application deadline. No Exceptions. Incomplete or late applications will not considered for admissions.

    Week of April 25

    Notifications of program acceptance emailed

    • Top 20 qualified first year students and top second year students are accepted into the program.
    • The next qualified candidates are placed on an alternate list for first and second year students. Alternates are offered a position in the class if any of the accepted candidates decline their position in the program.
    • Please note, once the deadline has passed, the program director may consider additional applicants for admission as second year students if space is available. If you have experience in the Funeral Service profession, especially apprenticeship, and want to apply after the deadline has passed, please contact Doug Ferrin (Doug.Ferrin@mhcc.edu). Late applicants will be considered on a case by case basis, must be highly qualified and meet all program admission criteria.
    May 2022

    Mandatory orientation for accepted students. Program instructors are generally available during the academic year, less so in the summer. Attendance is required, or the next eligible alternate will be given your assigned place in the program.

    September 26, 2022

    Start date for fall term classes.

    *Dates are subject to adjustment. We ask that you DO NOT inquire about the status of your application while processing is taking place to help expedite the evaluation process. Any changes to the processing timeline will be updated here immediately.
    Application Facts
    Year(s) Most common reasons for incomplete applications
    • Missing Transcripts
    • No CPT scores
    • Missing prerequisites
    • CPT too low
    • Missing application fee
    • Missing prerequisites
    • No apprenticeship letter or work experience letter
    • No driver's license copy
    • Missing application fee
    • Missing prerequisites
    • Missing transcript