• FSE Program Costs

  • These costs are approximations and are listed only as a guide for your financial planning. Tuition is as of Fall term 2022 and subject to change without notice. Students are advised to have a financial plan in place.

    Students are responsible for transportation costs to intern sites. Books, licensure fees and travel are not included in financial aid reimbursable expenses.



    First Year Text Books


    Second Year Text Books, Program Fees (includes but is not limited to lab fees, testing software fees, and ABFSE accreditation)


    National Board Examination


    Vaccination Series


    Oregon Intern License


    Tuition and College Fees (based on 6 terms in the program including the general education courses needed for the AAS in Funeral Service Education but does not include prerequisites/preprogram courses). If you have completed some or all of the general education courses, your tuition will be less.) To view the current tuition rate, visit www.mhcc.edu/tuition. Students from states other than Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho or Nevada, who have not established Oregon residency will pay out-of-state tuition rates for the first quarter and are then eligible for the in-state rate for subsequent terms.

    Tuition 1st Year 


    Tuition 2nd Year