• Faculty and Staff FAQ

  • When are we closed?

    Campus is closed for all on-site functions that are not identified as critical and exempt from the Governor’s order. However, during this time, everyone should plan to complete their work duties remotely, if possible. Please work directly with your supervisor to make a plan for your work through the rest of 2020.

    Should I plan to work from home for the rest of 2020?

    Yes. Per the Governor’s Executive Order, those working on-campus should be limited to critical or exempt faculty, staff and students. Unless you have been directed by your supervisor to physically come into work, you should create a plan with your supervisor to work remotely for the rest of the year.

    What happens if I cannot work from home?

    Supervisors are working diligently to create a plan for each employee and will connect with each employee individually to create a plan. If you have not heard from your supervisor yet, you will shortly.

    Will my paycheck be delayed when the College is closed?

    No. Paychecks will be distributed on regularly scheduled paydays and either direct-deposited to employees accounts or mailed.

    Please note, due to social distancing requirements, paychecks will not be available for pick-up.

    I am a part-time, hourly employee. Can I work from home?

    Each supervisor will be reviewing the part-time needs of their divisions and will inform part-time employees within the next week if they will have an opportunity to continue to work.

    Are we allowed to be on campus?

    You should not plan to come to campus unless specifically told by your supervisor that you are needed in-person on campus. Per the Governor’s Order, only critical faculty, staff and students should plan to be on campus. If you are working from home, and realize you have forgotten something in the office, or there is a one-time necessity to visit campus, please work with your supervisor who can help you obtain access to the resources you may need.

    Is there a tool available for MHCC staff members to chat between ourselves electronically instead of using email or setting up a web meeting?

    Yes, all MHCC staff members have access to Skype for Business which can be used to chat between other staff members, and also to have remote meetings including screen sharing and video. Please read the Skype overview on how to use this product.

    How do I set up VPN access?

    Talk to your manager about your need. Your manager can contact the service desk at 503-491-7448 or email #Service desk to request VPN access for you. Once approved, a Service Desk representative will contact you with information on how to setup.

    Please remember VPN is likely not necessary for most employees.

    The following services/products can be accessed remotely and require no special access/setup:

    • Portal
    • Email (utilize webmail at email.mhcc.edu)
    • Office 365/OneDrive (recommended individual collaboration tool)
    • If you only have a few documents from you M: or G: drives you would like to share with others and are familiar with and/or already using Office 365, we recommend moving those documents to Office 365 instead of accessing them via VPN
    • Blackboard
    • Faxing

    Our VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides access to other college systems and shared drives and will be needed to access programs such as:

    • CX
    • Feith
    • Testing Services
    • Mapped Drives (i.e., the M: and G: drives)
    • Local MHCC Printers
    • Other department specific or specialized college applications

    Instructions for managers to request temporary VPN access for their team members:

    • Submit a request through the service desk
    • A form will be sent to the requesting manager to collect the info we need
    • Once the form is completed and returned, access will be set up
    • If a number of team members need access, please list the team members with a brief description of the primary need for VPN and email Linda Vigesaa (linda.vigesaa@mhcc.edu) with your request. It can be short such as: Financial Aid CX functions, etc.
    • More instructions on how to utilize remote sources can be found on the Intranet: https://home.mhcc.edu/InformationTechnology/Documentation-Instructions.aspx
    Can MHCC staff members use their personal devices when working from home using VPN?

    Yes, staff can use personal devices to access MHCC’s network using VPN.

    • IT will provide instruction, phone support and guidance for configuration and use. Please put in a ticket or call the help desk at 503-491-7448.
    • MHCC’s Acceptable Use Regulation applies to all work done while connected to MHCC’s network and for data use/protection.
    Does the college have tablets, microphones, etc. that can be checked out? If not, is the college going to invest in additional equipment?

    The college typically does not maintain a pool of loaner equipment. However, due to the circumstances where we will not be using the majority of college equipment for an extended period, we have identified some devices to reconfigure for temporary home use.

    • Please talk to your supervisor about your need.
    • Your manager will forward the need to the appropriate division head – Jennifer DeMent, John Hamblin, Al McQuarters, and Al Sigala.
    • Once approved, you will be contacted by a Service Desk member to coordinate getting the equipment to you and will be available for phone support after you get home.
    May faculty or staff who do not have appropriate laptops or personal computers compatible with their work requirements bring their work desktops home?

    Please talk to your supervisor. They will forward the need to the appropriate division head. Once approved, you will be contacted by a Service Desk member to coordinate getting equipment to you. Setting up college equipment for home use requires reconfiguration, so the loaner you get may not be the desktop you use at work, but something similar that will allow you to do college work. We have prepared a pool of equipment in advance to be ready when needed.

    Is it possible to forward work phones to our personal phones?
    • Yes
    • Information on forwarding phones and other options in the Phone user guide on the IT page of the MHCC Intranet.
    • https://home.mhcc.edu/InformationTechnology/Policies-Standards.aspx
    • This is only for individual phone numbers. If your department uses call groups/phone trees, IT can work with individual groups on options; please send a request to the Service Desk.
    What if I don’t have internet at home?

    Employees are to make a plan with their supervisor to work from home. This may or may not include needing access to the internet. These decisions are made on a case by case basis. Additionally, many internet providers are offering free access to internet hotspots through the Keep Americans Connection Initiative. https://www.fcc.gov/keep-americans-connected.

    Will faculty or staff be allowed continued access to the library?

    All resources on campus will continue to be closed. Only faculty, staff and students covered deemed by their supervisor as critical will be allowed on campus. You should not plan on having access to the library until the order is lifted.

    Will faculty or staff be allowed to work from offices or workspaces?

    You should not plan to work from your office. Every attempt should be made to work remotely, with the exception of those faculty, staff and students covered by the exemptions. However, if this is absolutely not feasible for your situation, please work with your supervisor to determine the best work plan that will still comply with social distancing requirements.

    Has the government mandated any additional paid time off benefits for employees who cannot be at work due to COVID-19?

    Yes. Full-time employees may receive an additional 80 hours of paid sick leave to use for certain, but not all, absences related to COVID-19. Part-time employees may also receive an additional amount of paid sick leave based on the hours they would have worked over a two-week period.

    Eligibility requirements for protected leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) are also being relaxed, and all employees qualify for certain protected leave provisions if they have worked for the College for at least 30 days instead of the normal 180 day requirement under the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA).

    Will we have access to departmental materials/supplies? If so, what are the protocols for accessing these?

    Please work with your supervisor if you have a need to access your department for a short period for supplies or other specific needs that can’t be done remotely.

    If there is a lockdown or shelter in place as ordered by Governors in California or Texas do we know if higher education will be classified as an essential service? In San Francisco “Educational institutions, for the purposes of facilitating distance learning.” were.

    This would require an order by the Governor. We will continue to be in constant communication with MHCC staff/students if such an order were to be issued. This is a reminder of the importance of checking your mhcc.edu email as this is the means we will use for any updates or additional communications.

    Does the college have the capability to contact students via text?

    Yes. Faculty and staff have the ability to text students using the Navigate program.

    How do I get access to Blackboard to convert classes to Online?

    Contact Online Learning (Cat Schleichert) and they will be happy to get you setup.

    • Email: onlinelearning@mhcc.edu
    • Phone: 503-491-7170
    • Faculty Resource site: mhcc-ol.com
    • Student Resource site: mhcc-ol.com/base )
    When is the start of Winter term?

    A: Fall Term will begin on Monday, January 4, 2021.

    When will Fall term end?

    A: Fall Term will end on December 12, 2020.

    How will we handle classes with low enrollment?

    Winterl term specific enrollment and section management decision making processes are continuously evolving. However, some classes with low enrollment will be canceled.

    How will students access supports offered by AVID/Library/etc. during this time?


    • MHCC is part of an online e-tutoring consortium and students will be able to get online tutoring as always. We are also adding options for online tutoring through Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
    • The library reference desk is already equipped to provide service via phone, email, and online chat using the library website
    • Library instruction will be provided through Zoom sessions and recorded for students who cannon attend at a specific time
    • Interlibrary Loans (ILL) both electronic and by mail are anticipated to continue unless otherwise directed, but the Orbis Cascade Alliance consortium for book exchanges between higher education institutions in the region are suspended currently
    If we order supplies for student use, can we ship these directly to their homes?

    This would depend on the type of supplies you are hoping to mail. Please contact your dean to work through any supply needs your students may have.

    Can we offer online courses with rolling enrollment?

    No, we are not offering online courses with rolling enrollment.

    When we change sections from in-person to web, will the sections change? Will students be dropped & need to re-enroll?

    To minimize the impact to students we are keeping existing sections the same. There is no need for divisions to send in a Schedule Revision Form (SRF) to the Office of Instruction to change the sections designation to web.

    Students will not need to be dropped or re-enrolled.

    Faculty should provide this information in their syllabus and an “all student” communication regarding 10-week courses will be provided.