• Faculty & Staff

  • Welcome to your central campus resource for career services, employment services and student personal counseling and resource support. We look forward to partnering with you to ensure the success and retention of our students and alumni!

    HD Faculty Resources
    Utilize HD faculty resources to enhance the quality of your instruction to students and alumni that take HD coursework. Resources include an office space in the Career Planning and Counseling Center (AC1152), instructional library and opportunities to share best practices.
    Classroom Presentations
    Request an In-Class Presentation by a Counselor. Our counselors are available to speak to classes about career-related and counseling issues such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, job search skills, test anxiety, stress management and personal issues.
    Career Materials
    Get Help Developing Career Materials or Programs for Your Area. CPCC counselors and staff can assist you in developing materials that will help students in your classes to learn about career opportunities and career paths in related majors.
    Connect with Employers
    Connect your students and/or alumni with hiring employers. The CPCC is the central place on campus that hiring employers contact when they want to recruit students and alumni for competitive volunteer, internship, part-time and full-time opportunities.
    Community Resources for Students
    Refer students that need community resources to continue their college education and reach their educational and career goals. To refer the students, call our front desk at 503-491-7432 For a list of community resources students are eligible for, encourage students to visit 211 Info online or call 211 toll free.
    Students of Concern
    If you have a student in crisis, please do not call individual counselors and/or leave voice mail – call the CPCC front desk at ext.7432 and our front desk support person will find an available counselor to speak with your student.
    You can also complete a student of concern report and Refer a Student for Crisis Services.