• Dates & Deadlines for Term Starts

  • 2022-23 Academic Year Summer 2022 Fall 2022 Winter 2023 Spring 2023

    Bookstore vouchers available 1

    June 6 - July 4

    September 5 - October 3

    December 19 – January 16

    March 13 – April 10

    Classes Start 2

    June 27

    September 26

    January 9

    April 3

    Last day to drop classes & get a tuition refund 3

    July 3

    October 2

    January 15

    April 9

    Last day to add classes for financial aid credit 4

    July 5

    October 3

    January 16

    April 10

    Financial Aid Disbursement 5

    July 6

    October 5

    January 18

    April 12

    30-Day Delay Disbursement 6

    July 28

    October 27

    February 10

    May 4

    2nd Disbursement Date 7

    August 2

    November 8

    February 16

    May 11

    1 If you have more financial aid than you need to pay for tuition and fees, you may be eligible to use some of your aid to pay for books or supplies during this period of time – this is called a credit or voucher. The maximum bookstore credit amount is $500 if all your financial aid steps are complete and you are registered for the number of credits that your financial aid is set up for (no waitlists). Credit amounts will vary by student and depending on aid eligibility. You can use your voucher when purchasing books or supplies through the bookstore website. See Paying for Books with Financial Aid for more information.

    2 This is the start date for classes each term.

    3 This is the last day each term to drop classes and still receive a tuition refund for 10-week classes. Short term classes must be dropped earlier and dates vary. Check MyMHCC for exact tuition refund dates for all your courses. See How to Check for Tuition Refund Dates and How to Drop a Class for additional assistance.

    4 Instructor approval is required to add classes at this point.

    5 Students who are eligible for financial aid and registered in at least one class that began the first week of the term will have their aid disburse on this date. Financial aid refunds on Mountain Cards will typically be applied on the same day in the AFTERNOON. Financial aid refunds by Direct Deposit will be accessible 2-3 days after disbursement. Refunds issued by paper check may take up to 2-3 weeks by mail.

    If ALL of your classes begin in the second 5-week session of the term, financial aid disbursement will be after those classes have begun and instructors have verified attendance; disbursement dates may vary. If you do not begin attendance in a second 5-week course, your aid may need to be revised and you could owe money back to the College.

    If you have outstanding missing documents for financial aid, your disbursement of aid will be delayed.

    6 Students who have earned less than 46 credits and have never had a federal student loan before, or do not currently have a federal loan balance, will have a delay on their first loan disbursement. Loans will disburse 30 days after the start of the first term in school.

    7 This is for students who borrow a loan for one-term only. The funds are divided in half and released in two disbursements; the second disbursement will be on or after the mid-point of the term. This also applies to PLUS loans.