• List of Inactive Clubs and Organizations

  • See an inactive club you are interested in? Reactivation of a club is easy! Find the club that is right for you and fill out this form.

    Questions? Contact your ASG Student Orgs & Clubs Representative at asg.socrep@mhcc.edu or Rozina Lethe at Rozina.Lethe@mhcc.edu.

    American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

    The ASSE will promote the advancement of the safety education and foster the professional well-being and development of its members within the campus and community. Email: ASSE@mhcc.edu.

    Black Student Union (BSU):

    To connect with other students of African-American, African, Caribbean descent, or any other student of color. This club will also raise awareness of services/resources on campus and try to increase attendance of students of color to MHCC. Email: BSU@mhcc.edu.

    Brain Club:

    Information to come.

    Chess Club:

    Information to come.

    Engineering Club

    The purpose of this club is to provide engineering students, and all students that are interested in engineering an environment where they can practice engineering and problem solving, and to give them the opportunity to see different fields of engineering. Email: engineering.club@mhcc.edu

    Film Photography Club:

    Information to come.

    Gamers Club:

    Created to share and enjoy video game enthusiasm with other members of the college and to increase awareness regarding this form of entertainment. Email: Gamers@mhcc.edu

    History Club:

    A gathering of students interested in the study of and discussion of history. Email: clubhist@mhcc.edu.

    Machine Tech Club:

    Our purpose is to inform future and present students about the opportunities offered in the field of machine tool technology, and develop networking opportunities for students to plan together and organize activities and projects with MHCC and local groups in the Machine Tech industry. Email: machinetech.club@mhcc.edu


    Formerly known as the Latino Club, the MEChA Club is committed to advancing the education of all Chicano/Latino students in the state of Oregon and to represent MHCC on a local, regional, and national level through club activities. We will promote awareness and pride in the rich culture and language of the Latino people. Email: MEChA@mhcc.edu

    Mental Health Club (MHSSAC):

    Their purpose is: To offer a place of support and networks for the MHHS students and to serve as a communication link to with educational and professional resources.

    Physical Therapists Assistance Club:

    To purpose of the MHCC PTA is to be exposed to Physical Therapy and related fields. Also to provide opportunity for social interaction among faculty, students, and others interested in the PTA program.