• Summer Outbound Program (Biennial)

  • (AKA: Learn Japanese in Kyoto program or MHCC@Ryukoku program)

    MHCC @ Ryukoku Program is a cultural exchange program. All participants of the program will have opportunities to experience Japanese culture by interacting with the local people including the students at Ryukoku University and host families. During the weekday mornings, participants will be taking the Comparative Culture class taught by MHCC instructor. The topics covered in the class will have direct connections to the homestay, field trips and daily encounters the participants have while in Japan. Five field trips include destinations to some historical and cultural sites. Participants will also have activities such as conversation exchange time with Ryukoku University students and experiencing tea ceremony in some afternoons. This study abroad program is a perfect introduction to Japan for anyone who is considering the study of Japanese language, culture and society.

    MHCC Students In Japan
    MHCC Study Abroad in Japan 2014

    Contact Yoko Sato, Japanese Instructor at yoko.sato@mhcc.edu
    Office Room #2385, Phone 503-491-7126
    Paul Eckhardt, Director of Study Abroad, MHCC 503-491-7497 Office: Room 2392
    Email Paul.Eckhardt@mhcc.edu.

    MHCC Study Abroad in Japan 2018
    Study abroad in Japan 2018, 2020 and 2022 (biennial study abroad program)

    Application deadline for the 2018 program is January 17, 2018.