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    MHCC Students Need to Know

    Being a student connects you to many resources! Ask college staff for more details. To see complete details via links to MHCC's web site, access an electronic version of this list: http://www.mhcc.edu/LSCFacultyStaffResources/

    Resource Useful for... Contact // Location
    Academic Advising & Transfer

    Confirm you are registering for the right courses // Degree audit

    Learn about the requirements for programs at the college

    Call to schedule Ed Plan appointment: 503-491-7315 (press 4)

    Meet with an Adviser each term (week 6 of the term is a good time)

    Room 2253 (head to the right once inside)

    Aquatic Center Classes, certifications, and free swimming for students! Gym side of campus
    AVID Center

    A place to drop-in, study, get to know some excellent staff here to help you succeed in your classes, and find out what the many other college services can do for you

    Ask about courses you can take ("AVID Learning Communities")

    3315 (above the Library)


    Career Planning & Counseling Center

    Job/volunteer postings and job search help. Improve your resume and prepare for interviews 1 on 1 or at weekly workshops. Ask about making connections with companies now, before you graduate. Ask about summer opportunities.

    Long-term career planning/deciding on a major

    Talk to a counselor when in a crisis or life presents issues

    1152 (near Bookstore)

    503-491-7432 (call to make an appointment; there are also weekly workshops)

    Clubs & Organizations

    There are many student clubs and organizations to match your interests, including an academic honor society (Rho Theta)

    Active clubs have an email address. Find out when they meet!

    Go to the Student Union (1051) or call the ASG Director of Student Clubs and Organizations 503-491-7277 for more info
    Computer labs Use computers on campus. Labs open as early as 7:30 a.m. and as late as 9 p.m. You get $3 of printing and copying credit each term (and you can add credit if you run out) 1451, 3333, Library Mini Lab, Student Union Lab

    Dental Clinic

    Our Dental Hygiene students run a clinic open to the public. Great prices!

    Location: AC 2731 (north end of building)

    Call for an appointment: (503) 491-7176

    Multicultural & Diversity Resource Center This is the center and example of the kind of community that MHCC wants to be: come here to meditate, browse the collection of books and videos, learn at events, and more

    1050 (in Student Union at the back)


    Faculty Advisors
    (once in a Program)
    Once you've chosen a major or entered a program, go to your faculty advisor each term for inside info about the courses and experiences needed for that career path --- folks at the Academic Advising & Transfer Center can tell you when you're ready to switch over to a faculty advisor and who that person is

    Names listed by program

    Ask at Academic Advising office when to switch over to faculty adviser

    Family Resources Child Development and Family Support (CDFS) programs provide services to pregnant women and families of children ages birth to 5 years old who are low income or meet eligibility requirements.

    Main office is at the Maywood Campus


    Financial Aid

    Do your FAFSA for the following school year as early as possible to be eligible for the most grant money (for example, you must apply in January to be eligible for up to $2000 in Oregon Opportunity Grant money)

    On My MHCC, you can look at your Financial Aid status and see requests for any missing documents you still need to turn in

    When you have questions, talk with an enrollment specialist weekdays at the front desk (walk-in hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., open at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays)

    Located in Student Services area (2253)


    Financial Aid help also in the Orientation Center

    Food and Toiletries Free food and toiletries are available at Barney's Pantry students in need. Bring your student ID card with you. Located in Student Union in ASG office: room 1055

    Haircuts, Styling, and more

    Our Cosmetology students run a salon open to the public. Students receive a 10% discount off of already-low prices.

    Location: AC 1127 (main mall, across from bookstore)

    Call for appointment: (503) 491-7192
    Instructor office hours

    Questions about your class material and how to study it

    Ask about jobs and majors in your instructor's field of study

    Impress them and you might gain a letter of recommendation for jobs or scholarships!

    Syllabi show when and where office hours are held

    Scheduling appointment ensures 1-on-1 attention

    Learning Success Center

    Free 1-on-1 tutoring is a major benefit to capitalize on

    Drop-in with questions for math, science, technology, writing...

    Schedule a 50-minute appointment to make a study plan or prepare for a test (call as soon as possible to schedule)

    Show up at a seminar about study skills ( Success Series)

    Up above the Library: 3300, 3315, 3333, 3331

    Different services and hours by subject --- stop by for a copy of schedules



    We all study best on-campus: use the quiet areas & computers

    Research help (finding sources) at the Reference Desk. You can also call, email, text, or chat with a Librarian from home

    Laptop computers, course textbooks ("reserves"), DVDs, help printing and connecting to wireless, Children's Area, more!

    Locations at Gresham and Maywood campuses

    Research: 503-491-7516

    Front desk: 503-491-7161

    Orientation Center

    Bring your questions about getting started at this college, from financial aid, following up on your placement test scores, registration help and more...

    Even if it's not your first term, there is always more to learn know about the college's processes from these helpful staff

    1002 --- Also open between terms (except when campus is closed)


    Parking and Carpool Passes

    Parking fills fast so it is usually best to head to one of the back lots off of Stark or by the gym.

    There are great spaces close to the building reserved for those with a carpool permit. Contact Public Safety for more information.
    Location: AC 2330
    (Public Safety office, near flagpole)

    Every term you get $3 of printing and copying credit. Ask in the Library or Computer Labs about how to use the system or add credit to your account.

    Rock Wall Affordable climbing as well as classes and workshops Located in Aquatic Center
    Saints Email

    Every MHCC student has a Saints email address and should check it regularly for messages from the college. If you forget you password, come get it reset in the AVID Center or Orientation Center.


    There are scholarship workshops most terms (especially fall) to improve application quality

    There are scholarships just for MHCC Students: General Academic Scholarships through the MHCC Foundation --- you can apply for these every term

    The best scholarship resource for Oregon students is through the Oregon Student Access Commission. In the fall or early winter go to www.oregonstudentaid.gov to do one application and be eligible for many, many scholarships

    Ask faculty in your program area about additional scholarship opportunities for that career area

    Scholarship week: Look for posters around campus

    Due dates vary

    You can get really good scholarship help if you are part of TRiO-SSS (see below)...

    Student Publications Enjoy the literature and art or follow campus and community events via student publications: The Advocate, Perceptions, and Venture. Students involved in producing these publications can receive tuition waivers or talent grants that help pay tuition Inquire at Student Union
    Student Services Enrollment specialists at the front desk are there for you to pay your bill, order transcripts, answer financial aid questions, and ask about anything related to adding or dropping a class (these folks can also address the effects of dropping on your Financial Aid status)

    Several different services can be reached through menu at: 503-491-7315

    Room 2253

    Student Union (formerly known as College Center)

    A good place to study by the fireplace or a big window

    Student government is housed here --- have a look at their offices and consider getting involved next year (you can get 6 to 12 credits of your tuition paid for by being part of ASG or SOAR)

    Find out about student clubs and events

    Ask about getting a locker to use for the term! (Cost is $5-$10)

    Room 1051
    Study Abroad

    Awesome travel, cultural, and language experience at a very reasonable price!

    Japan, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, London, or Spain. Make one of these fit into your plan! Talk with the faculty who run this.

    Team sports

    Support our athletes and enjoy a game/meet: Volleyball, Men's and Women's Cross Country, Men's and Women's Basketball, Men's and Women's Track & Field, Softball, and Baseball

    Getting started at college is challenging. For those making a major life change, this program offers extra guidance and support. Information sessions provided regularly.

    Room 0051 (below Student Union)


    TRIO Student Support Services

    This is a free service that you can apply to be part of (you just have to fit some criteria like going to school 9 credits or more each term, financial need, and wanting to complete a Bachelor's degree)

    These folks connect you with Universities and help you apply for them. They also support you in your classes here at MHCC with extra advising, connections to MHCC resources, scholarship guidance, and more

    Room 0051 (below Student Union)


    Workstudy If your financial aid award (which you see after your FAFSA is processed) includes Work Study funds, you can work on campus (usually 7 to 10 hours per week) in places like the Library, Learning Success Center, and Student Union. The money you earn is yours to use as you choose. To find out if you qualify for Work Study, go to the Student Services front desk (room 2253)

    You are your own greatest resource. Maintain your health by getting enough sleep, eating right, getting organized, not avoid getting behind, and regularly recalling your Reasons (goals and dreams) for all the hard work.

    When you know you'll need a hand, give us a call and we will make a plan together!