• A Letter to our College and Students

    Mt. Hood Community College is representative of the communities we serve. Our values clearly state, Per Board Policy 1020, that we will cultivate environments that celebrate and support diverse communities, peoples, backgrounds and points of view. We are inclusive and respectful. As an institutional of higher learning we welcome the sharing of ideas and constructive and robust discussion. To have discussions to explore issues our communities must know they are welcome and safe to share those ideas.

    At our last Board of Directors meeting certain statements were made that presented ideas that were not aligned with our mission, vision or values. To continue to be accessible, positive and responsive to the communities we serve, we must and will live by the values we share.

    The MHCC Board Chair and I have discussed the best way the Board, as a single entity, can support the values of the College. While every member of the board has the right to express his or her opinion, no one board member can render opinions for the entire board. Please remember, our Board of Directors consists of 7 elected officials. Individually, a board member's opinion is his or her own and does not reflect the opinion of the Board or the College, its faculty, staff and administration.

    I am proud of the efforts and actions of our College to encourage and support access, inclusion and equity.

    With Regards,

    Dr. Debbie Derr
    MHCC President

    Susie Jones
    MHCC Board Chair