• Events

  • All of our events will be posted on the College’s event calendar here. Check back regularly to remain informed on upcoming events.

    Current Issues and Workshops
    The MDRC hosts programming and events related to important issues, bringing awareness and advocacy to our campus. The Center also hosts workshops for participants to gain resources and develop skills to enhance the well-being of themselves and others. Past programs and events have included gender pay equity, consent & healthy relationships workshop, and more.

    Heritage and Multicultural
    To honor, respect, and celebrate the various cultures represented on campus, the MDRC collaborates with a variety of members from our community to organize events each month in which we intentionally learn about the identities and cultural backgrounds of our community.

    We recognize that Heritage months can often be reflected as highlighting cultures at one period of time, disregarding the needs of such communities the rest of the year. We actively work to authentically support such communities in their success and well-being throughout the year by providing additional resources through the Center, as well as advocating for our students and their needs. Our hope is that Heritage and Multicultural events will be reflected as an additional mode of support and community at MHCC.

    Organizing Our Programs and Events
    We believe our work of equity and inclusion goes beyond the Multicultural & Diversity Resource Center, recognizing that this work is everyone’s responsibility. Therefore, we organize our programs:

    • Respectfully- honoring the cultural heritages of our community and being mindful of the seriousness of current issues
    • Inclusively- ensuring our programs and events are accessible and appropriate for all
    • Collaboratively- organized by a variety of campus and community stakeholders, including: representatives of the community from the cultures we are honoring or educating on, staff, faculty, students, and Gresham community members. All events are done in collaboration.