• MHCC Update - March 27, 2020

  • Colleagues and students,

    Following the distribution of my earlier messages today, we learned of the first confirmed case of COVID-19 amongst our college community. This person is an employee and is now self-quarantined and working to recover. This person was last on campus on March 20, and we have identified and are currently working to inform and provide guidance to all those who came into close contact with this individual. Those identified will be in quarantine and will not be back at work for at least 14 days. As you know, our campus was closed this week and our crews have already been working to sanitize all areas, including those areas in which the person was frequenting. Additionally, the latest sources on this virus indicate it only lives on surfaces up to 3 days – but dies much more quickly on most materials.

    Now that this pandemic is at the level of “community spread” we knew that this situation was a matter of “when” not “if” for our campus, and that is why we chose to proactively close to the public in the interest of safety even before Governor Brown issued her orders for social distancing.

    However, we know that despite knowing this was coming, it can still be unsettling news. Please reach out to your supervisor if you have additional concerns or questions. It is our hope that with everyone except our “essential and critical” faculty, staff and students working and learning remotely until the end of April we will lessen and contain this spread. As always, we are following the advice of our local, state and national health authorities at this time and are doing what we can to keep you safe. It is humbling that amidst this situation so many of our first responders and healthcare professionals continue to show up every day for the benefit of all of us all. I extend my thanks and gratitude for all they do.

    Stay home, stay healthy.

    Lisa Skari, EdD
    Mt Hood Community College