• MHCC Updates and Plans - March 17, 2020

  • Good Afternoon,

    Please note: This message DOES NOT apply to Child Development and Family Support (CDFS) employees.
    Developments surrounding COVID-19 continue to quickly evolve, and as such, our plans to keep all of you in our campus community safe and healthy are quickly evolving as well. Local, state and national health authorities are indicating that our social distancing efforts over the next few weeks will determine the societal impact and spread of this virus.

    As a result, we are taking the following measures:

    • Student Services, Student Hub, Admissions, and Academic Advising and Event Cancellations/Closures: Most things on our campuses have already gone fully online. Please note there are numerous event cancellations already and that there are no in-person advising appointments available at this time.

      Students who need student services support should contact:
    • MHCC will be closed to the public Friday, March 20 through Sunday, March 22.
      • Only those who are essential to the continued operations of the college should come to our campuses.
      • If you do not receive an email in which you are identified as essential personnel, please stay home.
    • MHCC will be completely closed during the week of Spring Break: Monday, March 23 through Sunday, March 29.
      • This is an effort to allow full social distancing
      • There will be no disruption of pay for full-time employees during this week (you will receive normal pay for this week).
        • Part-time hourly employees may elect to use sick leave for the time they would have traditionally worked
      • Some essential staff may still be able to complete their work remotely
      • Please work with your supervisor to determine the best plan if you must complete an essential task during this time.
        • Members of the Classified Staff Association who are designated “essential staff” and directed to work will receive Closure Pay.
    • MHCC will reopen to faculty, staff on Monday, March 30
      • All faculty and staff will be expected to work remotely (when possible).
      • We will remain closed to the public at this time.
      • Efforts this week should focus on transitioning all classes and work to an online format.
    • MHCC will reopen to students and Spring Term classes will resume on Monday, April 6, per our earlier communication. Students should expect communication from their instructor around the format of their class for spring term.

    Please know that we did not make this decision lightly and realize that many students and staff rely on our on-campus resources to succeed. We have been collecting a list of alternative resources that we hope will be helpful for our students during this closure, and are building a webpage that link to these resources. Once completed this week, the link to this page will be available via the COVID-19 response webpage on mhcc.edu.

    All changes and updates during the break and beyond will be communicated to your mhcc.edu email address and posted to our MHCC COVID-19 Response Page: https://www.mhcc.edu/Coronavirus-Resources/. We encourage you to check both often to make sure you are abreast of any additional changes or directives as they evolve while you are away from campus.

    I would like to close by reiterating that we know these services and classes are very important and essential and not everything can be online. We will be working with faculty and students to help them through this time. If you have concerns, reach out to your faculty and deans, or for employees – your supervisors who can help you navigate this change. We are all in this together, and these are extraordinary times that are calling for extraordinary responses.

    With your health in mind,
    Lisa Skari
    Mt. Hood Community College