• Mental Health, Social Service and Addiction Counseling - How to Get Started

  • Mental Health, Social Service and Addiction Counseling (MHSSAC) is now open entry!

    The MHSSAC program is open entry and begins in the fall term only. There is no application process to register for program classes. Prospective students register on a space available basis after class registration requirements have been met. Registration for fall term opens in May. Visit the registration calendar to see specific dates.

    Follow this simple 4-step process to join the program.

    1. Complete an MHCC General Admission Application if you are new or returning after four terms or more.  Select Mental Health, Social Service and Addiction Counseling as your major. Current students: Email ar@mhcc.edu to request your major be updated to Mental Health, Social Service and Addiction Counseling.

      Need Advising Help?
      If you would like assistance with prerequisite course planning or determining your readiness to start the program in fall term, contact an academic adviser

    2. Complete the prerequisite requirements for registration of your fall term MHSSAC classes. Non-MHCC students need to submit official transcript(s) and request a transcript evaluation. Evaluations can take up to four weeks, please plan ahead). For information about determining course placement, visit Testing Services or call 503-491-7591.

      • RD090 or IECC201R or WR115 with a C grade or higher (or placement into RD115 or higher)
      • WR115 or WR121 with a C grade or higher (or placement into WR121)
      • MTH020 with a C grade or higher (or placement into MTH058/MTH060 or higher)

    3. Register for your fall term classes in May. All first term MHSSAC students should register for these classes:

      • HS101 Introduction to Social Services (3 credits)
      • HS107 Careers in Behavioral and Social Service (3 credits)
      • HS114 Interviewing Skills I (2 credits)
      • HS141 Pharmacology of Psychoactive Substances (3 credits)
      • PSY235 Human Development I: Prenatal-Late Childhood (3 credits)
      • Elective (3-5 credits)

    4. Attend the required orientation for all new Mental Health, Social Service, and Addiction Counseling students on the FIRST DAY OF CLASS, FALL TERM.

    Still have questions about the MHSSAC program?

    Read through the Frequently Asked Questions or contact a MHSSAC faculty adviser via email. Faculty are happy to meet with prospective students throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring terms during weekly office hours. Please note: MHSSAC faculty are not on campus during the summer months so please use email communication over the summer.