• Medical Office Specialist FAQ

  • Do I need to take courses or have previous college course work before I start a medical office program at Mt. Hood Community College?
    It is helpful to read the course descriptions in the MHCC College Catalog to find any prerequisites for the courses in your program. Keyboarding skills are recommended prior to enrolling in the Medical Office Programs.
    How long do the programs take to complete?
    You can finish the MEDICAL OFFICE SPECIALIST programs in 18 months to 2 years (6 terms). The MEDICAL BILLING/CLAIMS ANALYST, MEDICAL CODING, and MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST programs take 6 to 9 months (2 to 3 terms). Medical Customer Service can be completed in 2 to 3 terms.
    How much do the programs cost?
    To calculate the total cost of a program, multiply the number of credits needed to complete the program by the per credit tuition rate. Additional costs include books, lab fees, etc. Students must pass a criminal background check and have current immunizations.
    Is financial aid available?
    Yes, financial aid is available for all students who qualify. Visit the Financial Aid home page or call 503-491-7262 to ask how you may obtain financial aid. Scholarships are also available.
    What job opportunities might be available after graduation?
    Possible job opportunities range from working in doctors' offices, medical centers, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, government healthcare centers, or health insurance companies.
    Are the programs limited entry?
    The Medical Office programs are open entry which means you can start any term. Any student who qualifies as a MHCC student qualifies to enter the Medical Office programs.
    Will I receive a degree upon completion of the program?
    Yes. An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) will be granted for the MEDICAL OFFICE SPECIALIST programs. A Certificate will be given for MEDICAL BILLING/CLAIMS ANALYST, MEDICAL CODING, and MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST.
    When can I begin the program?
    You may begin all Medical Office programs any term you choose, but the ideal time to begin is fall or winter term.
    Where can I get more information?
    For program information, contact Kaisa Larson, Medical Office Program Director, at Kaisa.Larson@mhcc.edu or call 503-491-7195.