• Music Ensembles

  • The Music program at MHCC is the right choice for talented singers and musicians graduating from high school looking for performance opportunities as well as more experienced vocalists and instrumentalists who enjoy being part of a quality ensemble. A limited number of scholarships are also available.

    What are some of the benefits of taking ensemble classes?

    • Test your skills in a friendly environment, under the guidance of your instructor
    • Understand and master the challenges of performing with a group
    • Expand your repertoire
    • Take advantage of a hands-on workshop where you can learn more about music styles, from classical to world music to contemporary
    • Experience different arrangements and discover how different approaches can significantly change a tune’s sound
    • Learn to improvise and to structure your ideas in order to perform more compelling solos
    • Practice performance ear training
    • Meet fellow singers and musicians and start networking
    • Have lots of fun!

    Enrollment is open to all students and community members of all skill and experience levels. Auditions will be scheduled by your instructor after the first day of classes and are not a pre-requisite to register. You will be placed in the appropriate vocal or instrumental section by the faculty member leading the ensemble. We encourage anyone with a passion for music to enroll in one of the following performance groups:

    • The MHCC Orchestra performs a varied repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary. For more information please email eben.fernandoheldreth@mhcc.edu.

    • The MHCC Symphonic Choir is open to all members of the MHCC community with a pitch matching audition. Students perform traditional choral music, world music and original arrangements from artists such as: Zac Brown Band, Billy Joel, U2, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and Leonard Cohen. For more information, email Kevin.Lambert@mhcc.edu

    • The MHCC Chamber Choir: Auditions occur the first week of each term to demonstrate vocal technique and sight-reading skills. In addition to college concerts, the Chamber Choir performs at a number of area events throughout the year including the Grotto’s Festival of Lights in December. For more information, email Kevin.Lambert@mhcc.edu

    • The MHCC Symphonic Band is open to all members of the MHCC community who have experience playing a band instrument. The band performs quarterly concerts at the college and provides music for the MHCC’s commencement ceremony in June. For more information, email Danielle.Davey@mhcc.edu.

    • The MHCC Jazz Ensembles: Auditions occur the first week of each term. This group performs music from a range of genres, including classic big-band, jazz, funk and R&B. To gain experience, students perform shows in Portland area clubs including Jimmy Mak’s and quarterly college concerts. For more information, email Daniel.Davey@mhcc.edu.