• MHCC Offers New Engineering Technology Degree

    Mt. Hood Community College’s Applied Technology division recently revamped its engineering technology degree for students wanting to work in entry-level engineering technician positions. The new Associate of Applied Science in Engineering Technology degree includes elective choices for mechanical and civil engineering technology.

    Engineering Technology

    The two-year A.A.S. in engineering technology provides students the training and education necessary to work as engineering technicians. Engineering techs support professional engineers by completing technical drawings, contributing to designs, and/or overseeing manufacturing and construction processes. They often serve as intermediaries between engineers and the craftspeople responsible for building or constructing the final products.

    The 90-93 credit engineering technology degree combines the training and curriculum from MHCC’s previous engineering technology degrees in civil engineering, civil environmental engineering, architectural engineering, and mechanical engineering.

    “In creating this new two-year engineering degree program, we received input from an advisory board that consisted of regional government and manufacturing industry partners,” said Kay Lopez, MHCC’s Dean of Applied Technology. “Many of them told us directly there was a critical need for engineering technicians at their organizations, so this program was designed to make our graduates job ready.”

    During the engineering technology program, students will:

    • Employ graphics software in engineering design.
    • Conduct field and laboratory testing on concrete and soils.
    • Study sustainable practices in engineering.
    • Operate traditional and modern surveying equipment.
    • Demonstrate technical expertise in applied mechanics, engineering materials, applied fluid sciences, and fundamentals of electricity.

    MHCC offers its engineering transfer degree for students wanting to transfer to a four-year engineering program. The transfer program satisfies engineering prerequisites at several schools, including Oregon State University and Portland State University.

    Classes for both degrees are available this fall. You can learn more at mhcc.edu/EngineeringTechnology and mhcc.edu/EngineeringTransfer.