• Online Learning Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Online Learning?

    Online learning is a form of education delivered over the Internet and accessed from a computer's web browser.

    Online Courses:

    Online (web) courses are fully online with no scheduled seat time on campus.

    Hybrid Courses:

    A hybrid course is a blend of scheduled on-campus seat and online time. Hybrid courses can range anywhere from having only one required on-campus meeting to many on campus meetings. In any hybrid course, you will have to attend the scheduled on campus class times so make sure they fit into your schedule.

    How do I know if a course is an Online Learning course?

    Online and Hybrid courses can be identified by their section number. Web classes have a section number starting with W and hybrid course sections begin with H.

    Using the course search you can narrow the options to Online Learning web and hybrid courses. Select "more search options" then change the Location field to "dl campus."

    24/7 Access:

    Online and hybrid courses are designed to give students with time and/or distance restraints the ability to attend school, so they are accessible 24/7. You do not necessarily need to be on the computer on a specific day or time; however, online learning courses are not independent study and require self-discipline and excellent time management skills. You will be expected to log into your course several times a week to go over materials and complete activities.

    Online courses are not harder or easier than face-to-face courses:

    The content in an online learning course is not any harder (or easier) than the same content in a face-to-face class. The difficulty lies with time management. You are solely responsible for getting through all the materials. To be successful you must be self-motivated, committed, and have some computer skills.

    To give you an idea, a four credit face-to-face course means you come to campus four hours a week and then you go home to complete assignments. On average, a four credit online course will take approximately four hours to read through lessons and materials, and then add any extra time needed to complete assignments and activities. If you are signed up for twelve credits online, average twelve hours a week for lessons plus time for homework.

    Computer Requirements

    Please see the Online Learning Technical Requirements page

    How do I register for an Online Learning Course?

    To register in an Online/Hybrid course prior to the first day of the term please use MyMHCC registration. Follow this link for registration information.

    Waitlisted Students

    A wait list is a record of students interested in adding a class that does not have available space.

    • Prior to the first day of the term, waitlisted students are automatically placed in the course as space becomes available.
    • Students will not be added to a class from a wait list if it creates a schedule conflict or if students are already registered in another section of the same class.
    • If on wait lists for multiple sections of the same class, students will be added to the section with the first opening and dropped from all other wait lists for that class.
    • Students have until 11:59 p.m. the day prior to the class beginning to register.

    Please continue checking your MyMHCC registration schedule to see if you have been added to the course.

    Late Registration

    How do I add an Online/Hybrid course once the term has started?

    As soon as possible contact the instructor with request to add the class. The best way to contact an instructor is by email; make sure to include your full name, student ID number, and the course ID with section number of the class you would like to add.

    If you are on campus you can contact the instructor in person and they will submit a schedule change form to Registration if they agree to the late add.

    Please see the Registration Calendar for add/drop date requirements.

    Waitlisted Students

    Once the term begins, the registration system no longer moves students into a class even if it looks like space has opened. If you are still on a waitlist the day that class begins, contact the instructor as soon as possible and ask to be added to the class.

    How long should I wait for an answer?

    Please give instructors time to respond. Space may not be available in the course until later in the week.

    If the instructor does not respond in a reasonable timeframe (about 2 days), please email again or contact the department.

    If the instructor agrees to add you to the course:

    They will complete an electronic schedule change form.

    Hybrid Courses

    If you are adding a hybrid course, make sure that in addition to emailing the instructor you also attend the next scheduled class meeting on campus. Check your registration schedule to confirm you have been added to the course. You will have access to the course in Blackboard within two hours of your registration.

    What is Blackboard?

    Blackboard Learn is MHCC's learning management system used to develop and deliver online learning courses.

    How do I access Blackboard?

    To log into your online learning courses, you will go to mhcc.blackboard.com. Online and hybrid courses are not located under MyMHCC

    How do I log into Blackboard?

    When logging into Blackboard for the first time use the following information:
    Username = your MHCC student ID number
    Password = your six digit birth date (MMDDYY) with no spaces or dashes.

    I changed my password in MyMHCC but it has not changed in Blackboard?

    Blackboard and MyMHCC are not connected. Your MyMHCC password will not get you into Blackboard.

    What are the next steps?

    After logging in, click on the course link under your Course Menu. You should now see your initial lesson module which includes the syllabus and schedule. Click on this lesson to get started. Instructions, materials, and expectations for the class will be listed here.


    You must log in the first day of class. If you do not log in and complete the beginning requirements by the date posted, you will be considered as not attending and could possibly be dropped from the course. If dropped, it is very difficult to get back into the class and financial aid may be affected.

    Simply logging in does not meet MHCC attendance requirements. You must complete the first activities by the given due date to be considered active and avoid a possible administrative drop.

    What if I have access to Blackboard but do not see my course link?

    Check your MyMHCC schedule for course begin/end dates. Courses will not appear on your menu until the day they begin.
    Also check to make sure that you are registered for the class.

    What if I am on a waitlist?

    You will not be able to login or see your course on your menu until you are officially moved off the waitlist and registered for the course.

    Test Proctoring

    When is exam proctoring required?

    Some online and hybrid courses require you to take tests at an official testing site. If a proxy location is required for testing, the Gresham Campus testing center and Maywood Park Community Skills Center are automatically prepared to administer quizzes and exams for MHCC OL students at no cost Please check the Testing Services Online Exam for additional information. If you cannot make it to either of the campuses during business hours, you will need to set up an alternate testing site.

    Arranging an off-campus test site:

    It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that a proctoring location has been set up before the exam date. Follow this link for online test proctoring information.