• Faculty Online Learning Certification

  • The Online Learning Program provides professional development for faculty interested in teaching wholly or partially online at Mt. Hood Community College.

    Faculty will participate in an online certification course designed to assist instructors in developing and teaching hybrid and online courses utilizing the college supported learning management system (LMS). The training, called the Faculty Academy, is online and self-paced within a designated time frame. Faculty Academy participants will gain development knowledge, tool training, and best practices for course development and management. It is open-entry, however instructors will have syllabus + four weeks of student-ready lessons developed before the term begins.

    Upon completion faculty will receive a stipend.

    Time Commitment: An instructor can estimate approximately 150 hours or fewer for course revision, depending on experience and technical skill level.

    Prerequisites: Technical skills assessed include:

    1. Copy and paste information between documents and browsers with and without source formatting.
    2. Navigate between multiple windows, tabs, and applications
    3. Install and configure browser settings and plug-ins
    4. Use web-friendly file naming conventions
    5. Understand web-friendly file formats; know when to use them
    6. Implement effective file and folder organization
    7. Zip, attach, upload and link files
    8. Download, unzip and save files
    9. Use network, local and portable file storage locations
    10. Create, edit and format ADA compliant html files in MS Word using style sheets
    11. Understand file types such as .htm, .ppt, .pdf, .docx, .rtf, .jpeg, .png

    How to Apply for Online Learning Certification

    First and foremost, collaborate with your Dean regarding the course you want to develop or revise and the term it will be offered.

    After receiving your Dean’s approval, fill out the Faculty Academy application and obtain the appropriate signatures. Applications will not be accepted unless signed by your Dean and the Vice President of Instruction and Student Development.

    Forward the completed application to the Online Learning Coordinator, who will create your LMS accounts and send information on how to get started.

    Have questions? Contact Online Learning at 503-491-7170 or onlinelearning@mhcc.edu.