• Test Proctoring

  • When is exam proctoring required?

    Some online and hybrid courses require you to take tests at an official testing site. Proctoring requirements are listed in the course syllabus, and it’s up students to verify if they must take proctored exams. The Gresham Campus Testing Center and Maywood Park Community Skills Center are automatically prepared to administer quizzes and exams for MHCC OL students at no cost. Please check the Testing Services webpage for additional information.

    Arranging an off-campus test site:

    If you live outside the Portland metro area you may need to set up an off-campus testing location. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that a proctoring location has been set up before the exam date.

    1. Find a proctor location. Please see the list of proctoring location requirements below.
    2. After a proctor location has been found please write to onlinelearning@mhcc.edu with the following information:
      • Your full name and student ID number
      • The class(s) and section(s) that require proctoring
      • The off site location (organization)
      • The name of the person administering the tests.
      • Who the person is (i.e.: Reference Librarian, testing coordinator, etc.)
      • Proctor’s business email. (We will not accept personal email addresses).
      • Proctor’s business phone number
    3. Once OL has received your test site information, directions will be sent to the person listed as your proctor.
    4. You will receive a confirmation email notice when the testing directions have been sent.

    How much time should it take?

    Students can expect it to take Online Learning staff two business days to approve a testing location and send the required information. Proctor locations should be setup at the beginning of the term.

    Proctoring Requirements

    Acceptable Proctors

    • Official testing center at a college/university - Including, but not limited to those listed on (*those listed on NCTA are not the only testing centers available. Many schools not listed offer testing services).
    • Certified librarians at a library, college/university, or school.
    • College/university/K-12 administrators, instructors, or academic advisors
    • Learning/tutoring centers
    • Educational officers of a corporation, military installation, or correctional facility
    • Federal, State, or City Government Agency

    Unacceptable Proctors

    • Relatives or spouses/partners/significant others
    • Friends and/or roommates
    • Co-workers or business associates
    • Peers
    • Undergraduate students
    • Athletic coaches
    • Anyone who does not have a professional email address (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. are unacceptable)
    • Anyone who cannot provide a computer with internet access for up to two hours
    • Anyone who cannot monitor the student during the exam.