• Student Requests for Mt. Hood Community College Education Records Per FERPA Guidelines

    1. Students who request a copy of their Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) educational records must put their request in writing, specifying the exact records to be copied.

    2. MHCC must comply with a request for access to records, within a reasonable period of time, but not more than 45 days after it has received the request.

    3. The student should make the request to the appropriate department that stores the maintained student records.

      1. If a student requests a copy of all of their education records, the request should be submitted to the Admissions, Registration and Records Office (AR&R). The Registrar or the Coordinator of Records will gather the student records from all departments and provide them to the student. For these requests, it is reasonable to allow one to two weeks for copies of the records.

      2. If a copy of a law enforcement record (from MHCC Public Safety) is given to an MHCC school official, and that copy is maintained by an MHCC department outside of Public Safety, the copy then becomes an education record subject to FERPA.  Students requesting a Public Safety report that is part of their education record should make the request to the Student Conduct Office.

      3. Before allowing student access to their records, if more than one student is identified in the copied record, MHCC will remove personally identifiable information about the other student(s). Additionally, although FERPA only protects student records, MHCC will also remove all personally identifiable information about staff and others from the record. Exceptions to this are for a lawfully issued subpoena for which staff and other non-student personally identifiable information will not be removed.

    4. MHCC may or may not charge a fee for a copy of an education record which is made for the student.