• Environmental, Health and Safety Program Profile

  • Career Description: Environmental Health & Safety involves three disciplines, which often overlap or require close coordination. The environmental technician or manager works with compliance issues and the control of pollution that can create an adverse impact on waterways, air and soil. The plant safety/Health officer deals with employee’s safety and health, and is concerned with providing a healthy environment in which to work. The hazardous materials technician or manager provides insight on proper handling and transport of materials that are considered toxic or dangerous.

    Program Objectives:

    • Prepare students who will be able to effectively assess, plan, implement and evaluate current environmental, health and safety problems.
    • Develop appropriate decision making skills and utilize professional judgment, conduct and ethics to provide optimum care for the safety of people and the environment.
    • Encourage flexibility and innovative approaches to problem solving which stimulate independence and develop personal and professional responsibility.
    • Enhance communication and interaction skills, which enable students and faculty to work effectively with diverse populations as members of the Environmental Health & Safety team.
    • Advocate active participation and leadership in community activities and professional associations.
    • Instill a commitment to continued education and skill development.

    Length of Program:

    The length of the AAS degree program is two-years for a total of 6 terms, and Certificate program is one-year or 3 terms. No EHS courses are offered during summer term with the exception of internship classes.

    Program Start:

    You may start the Environmental Health & Safety Program during any term. There is no limit as to how many students can apply for any one term. To be considered for admission for the program, applications should be returned as soon as possible.

    Core Class Time Schedule:

    Mon.-Wed. between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. (with a few exceptions.)

    Mid-year Entry:


    Degree Awarded with Completion of Required Coursework:

    The Environmental Health & Safety Program has between 8 and 12 graduates per year. These students are awarded an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree or 1-year Certificate. Students interested in a Bachelor of Science Degree may transfer to many local colleges and universities.

    Employment Considerations:

    Approximate starting salary: $15-$25/hour
    Employment opportunities (local): good
    Employment opportunities (general): good