• Social Justice in Action at Mt. Hood Community College

    New Community Partnerships and Internship Opportunities Propel Students toward Meaningful Careers

    Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) is proud to announce groundbreaking community partnerships and internship opportunities that bring social justice to the forefront of education. The MHCC mental health, social services, and addiction counseling (MHSSAC) program has forged a unique collaboration with the Department of Corrections in Oregon and Clark County Juvenile Justice, opening doors for mental health students to engage in transformative internships within the corrections system.

    Dr. Lisa Skari, president of Mt. Hood Community College, expressed her enthusiasm for this innovative initiative.

     "At MHCC, we are committed to providing our students with opportunities that not only enhance their academic experience but also prepare them for real-world challenges,” said Dr. Skari. “This collaboration with the Department of Corrections and Clark County Juvenile Justice exemplifies our dedication to social justice in action."

    The MHSSAC program aims to bridge the gap between mental health services and corrections, recognizing the interconnectedness of these fields. By offering students the chance to intern within the corrections system, MHCC empowers them to make a tangible impact on the lives of individuals within the criminal justice system.

    In addition to the groundbreaking internship opportunities, MHCC is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Warner Pacific University. Students enrolled in the MHSSAC program now have the option to transfer to Warner Pacific University and pursue a new dual degree in social work and criminal justice. This collaboration ensures a seamless transition for students seeking a comprehensive education that combines the strengths of both disciplines.

    "The dual degree program with Warner Pacific University is a testament to our commitment to holistic education. It provides our students with a unique pathway to become professionals at the intersection of social work and criminal justice," Dr. Skari said.

    With these initiatives, Mt. Hood Community College continues to be a trailblazer in fostering social justice and creating impactful opportunities for students to make a difference in their communities.