• BT210 One-Credit Software Training Courses


    You can find transferable one-credit software courses in spreadsheet, word processing, database, and presentation software under the BT210 course prefix numbers. Enrollment is open in these 5-week courses and they are available each term. MHCC’s Business Technology (BT) department offers one-credit software courses, in a flexible format, all of which have the course number BT210 followed by a three-letter code. BT210 courses are offered in two 5-week sections each term. Students may take up to two courses per section.

    • BT210ZAA – Access Level 1
    • BT210ZAB – Access Level 2
    • BT210ZEA – Excel Level 1
    • BT210ZEB – Excel Level 2
    • BT210ZEB – Excel Level 3
    • BT210ZPA – PowerPoint Level 1
    • BT210ZPB – PowerPoint Level 2
    • BT210ZWA – Word Level 1
    • BT210ZWB – Word Level 2
    • BT210ZWC – Word Level 3

    Note: This document does not apply to BT210ZQA and BT210ZIO.


    BT210 courses are self-directed, which means there is no scheduled class time each week. However, there is a mandatory orientation during the first week of the course:

    • If you are enrolled in one or more BT210 courses in section 60 (Weeks 1-5), you must attend one of these orientations during Week 1 of the term:
      • Monday (3 to 4 pm or 5 to 6 pm)
      • Tuesday (1 to 2 pm or 5 to 6 pm)
      • Wednesday (9 to 10 am, 3 to 4 pm, or 5 to 6 pm)
    • If you are enrolled in one or more BT210 courses in section 70 (Weeks 6-10), you must attend one of these orientations during Week 6 of the term, even if you took a BT210 course in section 70:
      • Monday (3 to 4 pm or 5 to 6 pm)
      • Tuesday (1 to 2 pm or 5 to 6 pm)
      • Wednesday (9 to 10 am, 3 to 4 pm, or 5 to 6 pm)

    BT210 orientations are held in room 2610 (the Software Training Center) and begin promptly at the start of the hour. If you are late you may not be able to participate fully and therefore may be dropped for lack of participation just as if you did not attend.


    • Your SIMnet ‘code’ is customized for MHCC and must be purchased at the MHCC bookstore.This SIMnet ‘code’ is a value-added purchase since this single code will be used in BA131, BT125, BT210 (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, or Word), and other selected BT courses., You will not have to purchase a textbook because all of these courses use materials embedded on the SIMnet website!! Here is a direct link to the MHCC bookstore hours of operation: MHCC Bookstore hours of operation. URL: http://www.bookstore.mhcc.cc.or.us/store_info.asp?#hours
      • SIMnet is an online training and assessment system at MHCC’s SIMnet website. Details on how to log in to SIMnet are provided during your BT210 orientation.
    • Microsoft Office 365 or Office 2013 w/Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook.
      • Students must use the full MS Office 365 ProPlus (PC) software which is provided free through the MHCC Saints email account instructions. Instructions and assistance in completing the download correctly are available in the Learning Success Center (Rm. 3333). The full version is useful for all of your courses, and include the software commands required for CIS and BA/BT students taking Microsoft Office courses. You just need to be able to log into Saints email.
      • NOTE: Students should not use the lite web app version (cloud-based version of MS Office) to complete the Projects as the web app (“Office lite”) does not have the full functionality of Office 2013.
      • Office 2013 is also available in computer labs on the MHCC campuses.
      • Apple/Mac is not acceptable for these courses UNLESS the computer can run current Windows programs (e.g. Parallels). Learning materials, i.e. textbooks and SIMnet are set up for Office instructions on a PC WINDOWS platform.
    • This document does not apply to "BT210ZIO - Internet for Business Professionals" (offered Winter and Spring terms)


    All assignments are due by the Thursday of the fifth week of each 5-week BT210 course section.

    You should plan to spend four to five hours per week to complete course requirements. Students may vary their hours each week or come in at a set time, but these times do not have to be scheduled with the instructor. You may choose any times during instructor scheduled open hours to receive assistance in rm. 2610 or utilize the assistance available in the Learning Success Center (Rm. 3333).

    Options for completing your work include working in the Software Training Center (STC), room 2610, during scheduled open hours, as well as with the support of instructors during their posted hours. You may also work in campus computer labs that are installed with the appropriate Office 2013 Office Suite software. Working at home is also an option as long as you have the appropriate software for your course. Information on how to obtain assistance and how to find appropriate labs will be provided at your orientation.


    Please email your Business Technology instructors Robin.Born@mhcc.edu, Brenda.Houchen@mhcc.edu, or Anna.Johnson@mhcc.edu